Put Yourself In Their Pain

30 April 2008 — Amritapuri The first and second graduating batches of the Amrita College of Nursing in Cochin came to Amritapuri today. The students have all but concluded their five-year courses—the first batch will graduate on May 15, the second on October 15th. Each of the students had Amma’s darshan, with Amma handing out […]

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Amma blesses Rotarians

23 February 2005 — Cochin, Kerala “Who are we to offer an award to Amma?” said C.M. Abu Bakker, the Ernakulam Rotary District Governor. “We simply submit it at Her feet and pray that She blesses this organisation. It is this organisation that benefits from Amma accepting this award.” Amma was being honoured with Rotary […]

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Our every need

17 September 2003,Wednesday night Amritapuri Have you wondered how the thousands of devotees will find sanitary facilities during Mother’s birthday celebrations in Cochin? Read on. Each night after bhajans, 150 or so devotees crowd around the stairway to Amma’s apartment to delight in Her feeding of Ram, the ashram elephant. Tonight Mother showed Her design […]