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  • Onam festival with Amma

    Onam festival with Amma

    9 September 2000, AmritapuriOnam is a festival of sharing. On the tenth and last day of Onam, all the people of Kerala enjoy a great feast. Even though traditionally people stay at home and celebrate with their families, many of Amma’s children came to spend this holy day at Amma’s abode, feeling Amritapuri to be…

  • The origins of the festival of Onam

    The origins of the festival of Onam

    In ancient times, there was an extremely powerful king by the name of Mahabali; he ruled the three worlds. He was a righteous and generous king. King Mahabali’s one major flaw, which marred his spiritual stature, was the arrogance he felt when giving in charity to his subjects. He was very proud of the fact…