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The paradox of Knowledge

those who think they know, do not know, and those who think they do not know, know not

Around Amma Around Amma 2003

There is no key that can lock love

24 June 2003,Los Angeles Amma Officially Welcomed to Los Angeles This morning Amma began Her yearly programs here in Los Angeles, CA, USA. But before Amma could begin to receive Her children, She was officially honored by representatives of the Los Angeles County, its Board of Supervisors, and the city of Los Angeles. The Los […]

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Amma in San Ramon 2003

2003, San Ramon Amma visited San Ramon in the summer of 2003. Outdoor meditation with Amma was started early Morning. Amma’s Satsang was there before her darshan followed by babies for their first meal from Amma.

America 2003 Around Amma 2003

Amma visits Seattle 2003

Photos of Amma her program in Seattle 2003


Take one step, God will take 100 steps towards you

Question: Mother, you often say that if we take one step towards God, God will take a hundred steps towards us. Does this mean that God is far away from us? Mother: No. It means that if you make an effort to cultivate just one good quality, all the other good qualities will develop naturally […]