Month: December 2001

  • Feeling like Christmas

    Feeling like Christmas

    25 December 2001, Amritapuri When you wake to the sound of tropical birds, and soon find yourself sweaty from the heat and humidity, and when you look out over the palm tree tops to the Arabian Sea as you hear the Names of Devi wafting upwards from the temple below, it takes a little time…

  • Amma’s visit to Kozhikode – 2001

    22 December, 2001 As you may know, Amma spends more than half of every year travelling across the globe, that all of Her children might see Her at least once a year. She has been everywhere from Reunion Island to Russia, from Singapore to Santa Fe, and of course to cities and villages big and…

  • The hungry hands of Kozhikode

    The hungry hands of Kozhikode

    Amma stood there and looked out over all those faces, all those hands, and the only way to say what happened is: love poured from Her Face, Her Eyes, Her Self.

  • Letting go and laughing

    Letting go and laughing

    15 December 2001, Amritapuri On Onam, Ram found Mother’s hand-washing basin on the table beside Her and proceeded to snort up a trunkful, spraying water onto everyone in the vicinity. He certainly delighted in the laughter and attention that ensued; but what he didn’t know was that he was actually beginning a new chapter in…

  • Amma returns to Amritapuri

    Amma returns to Amritapuri

    2 December 2001, Amritapuri Even last night, the ashram was awash with anticipation. Last minute preparations were concluded, brahmacharis and brahmacharinis returning from branch ashrams and visitors streamed through the gates, and everywhere could be felt a palpable sense of joy. Everyone knew that the very next day, their Mother was returning. By noon, brahmacharinis…