FAQs: Amritapuri Ashram

Visiting the Ashram

Things you may need to know about visiting the ashram.

Everyone is welcome to come and stay at the ashram at any time, and take part in the daily activities. Please bear in mind that Amma travels frequently and her schedule sometimes changes on short notice. Please check Yatra for Amma’s current schedule. International visitors are kindly requested to confirm your arrival date in advance by registering online. Indian visitors are kindly requested to send an email addressed to stay{at}amritapuri.org. For groups of six or more, please give at least 7 days advance notice.

Q.2 How do I get to Amritapuri?

By air and taxi: Please visit Route map to Ashram page for details.

By bus or train: Please visit Route map to Ashram page for details.

Q.3 What should I bring?

While we make every effort to provide private rooms for couples, single men and single women are given dormitory accommodation. All the rooms are very simple, typically with mattresses on the floor and an attached bathroom and shower.

Simple, Indian style ashram meals are provided along with your accommodation. Non-spicy, Western style food is also available.

Please note:

  • Indian Visitors: It is mandatory to Carry a valid identity proof if you want to stay at the ashram! ( Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card)
  • International Visitors: It is essential that you bring your passport and a copy of your passport and visa if you want to stay at the ashram!

Most of the basic necessities (including sheets, pillows, mattresses, buckets) are provided by the ashram. You may, however, wish to bring a small inflatable mattress, earplugs, and a luggage lock for travelling with Amma in India. It may be helpful to bring vitamins and protein supplements, and any medicines that you may need. Other items such as clothing, shoes, toiletries and household items are available at the ashram.

Q.4 Are there any other special items that I should bring for my child?

It may be necessary to provide powdered protein supplements for your child, to be taken in addition to the foods that are served in the canteen. It is also a good idea to bring vitamins, or any medicines that your child may need.

Q5. Can you explain a daily schedule of Ashram?
Amritapuri Ashram is home to more than 3,500 monastic disciples and householders. Amma has created a timetable for Her disciples. The householders and visitors are welcome to follow to the Ashram schedule as well if they like. Read more…


Amma’s darshan and availability.

Whenever Amma is not on tour, she will be at Amritapuri ashram. It is always a good idea to check Amma’s tour schedule immediately before planning a trip to Amritapuri, as her travel dates are subject to change. Click here to see Amma’s current schedule.

Q.2 What is Amma’s darshan schedule?

Amma holds public darshan on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays darshan starts around 10.a.m. Free tokens are given out earlier in the day.



The services available at Amritapuri.

Q.1 What services are available at Amritapuri?

      • – Bank (here you can change foreign currency, get cash advances on Mastercard and Visa cards, and wire money)
      • – Health Care: Holistic Health Care Services, Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Medical Clinic and Pharmacy; Allopathic Medical Clinic
      • – Internet access
      • – International Telephone and Fax facilities
      • – Laundry Service
      • – Libraries for children and adults (with spiritual books in various languages)
      • – Photocopying
      • – General goods
      • – Travel Desk
        – Tailoring
                – Children’s Library
               – Library – a vast collection of spiritual literature
  • 1 It is best to bring traveller’s checks, as they are safer than cash. A bank is located on the premises. There you can change foreign currency, get cash advances on Master and Visa cards, and wire money.

    2 For medical needs the Amritakripa Charitable Hospital is located on the south side of the Ashram. In addition we have an Ayurveda hospital that also offers an extensive Panchakarma treatment.

    Q.2 What facilities are there at Amritapuri for young children?

Amritapuri has an extensive Children’s Library with spiritual and educational materials for children. Play areas are limited, however. Parents are encouraged to bring their child’s favourite toys, books and art supplies when coming.