Unexpected shower of love

22 June, 2004 Los Angeles

At end of the morning program in Los Angeles on June 22, an older lady was waiting outside the program hall along with hundreds of devotees, hoping to catch a glimpse of Amma as She left.

She excitedly told the others around her that she had arrived a bit too late to get Amma’s darshan. Just that very morning She had seen Amma for the first time on the TV news, and she felt a strong urge to go and see Amma right away. She frantically persuaded her husband to go and see Amma. They got in their car and drove for about two hours to cover the 100-mile journey from San Diego to Los Angeles.

As Amma was leaving the hall, hundreds of devotees were gathered around Her. She walked straight over to this lady from San Diego and lovingly stroked her face with both hands several times. This lady was overjoyed by the intimate darshan that she received from Amma. She was totally overwhelmed by this unexpected shower of Love.

As Amma says, “When you take one step towards God, God takes 100 steps toward you.”