Love has no specific language

speech- and hearing-impaired students
speech and hearing schools students performing for Amma

Tuesday, 4 May 2004 – Trissur, Kerala

One of the most beautiful bhajans during Amma’s Trissur programme was silent. It was performed for Amma by students of Her “Amrita Speech and Hearing Improvement School” (ASHIS).

As Amma’s voice in English played over the sound system, around 20 ASHIS students signed and lip-synched the lyrics along with the cassette. The song was “Ishwar Tumi Daya Karo”:
Grace us with Your compassion,Lord, I have no one but you!

As the students performed the song on the stage–behind Amma and a little bit to Her right–Amma kept pausing Her darshan so She could turn and watch them.

“Love has no specific language,” Amma frequently says when asked how She is able to connect with so many around the world who do not speak Malayalam. Never had the statement seemed more true.

In the end, Amma gave the children a sign of Her own—applause followed by a big thumbs up.