“Did you go yet?”.. Darshan in Amma’s room

24 May 2006 — Amritapuri

First it was the brahmacharinis… then the brahmacharis… then the Western ladies… then more brahmacharis… more brahmacharinis… then the householder ashramites… the Western men… and finally the sannyasins. During the past two weeks Amma has given private “room darshans” to all of the 3,000 residents of Amritapuri. It is a tradition that goes back to Amma’s first world tour in 1987—everyone staying behind gets to go to Amma’s room for a few minutes of private time with Amma. On the final day, even Ram, the Ashram elephant, was in line!

It is a time to seek advice about one’s seva, receive personal instruction regarding spiritual practices, have doubts cleared and to deepen one’s bond with Amma. For many, it is the only time they go for darshan the entire year.

Amma first started meeting residents in her room on May 14th—the very day she returned from her two-week Kerala tour. From then until Amma finished late last night, the only hiatus she took was the three days of the Brahmasthanam Festival in Trivandrum.

It is truly a special time in the ashram. Everywhere you look, you see smiling people talking about the time they have recently spent with Amma. Everywhere you go you hear the question, Did you go yet?

– Kannadi