Fulfill our responsibilities to Bharatamba

Amma on Republic Day 2024 in Amritapuri

26 Jan 2024, Amritapuri Ashram

As India joyously celebrated its Republic Day 2024, the spirit of patriotism echoed through the serene grounds of Amritapuri Ashram. A modest yet heartfelt function unfolded to mark this significant day, bringing together CRPF military personnel, security guards, and Kerala police in a united spirit.

Against the backdrop of the Kali Temple, Amma took the honor of hoisting the National flag. As the tricolor unfurled, the air resonated with the soul-stirring notes of the National Anthem, and a collective salute from the military and police personnel adorned the ceremony. Amma, in a gesture of deep reverence, paid her respects by prostrating before the fluttering flag.

Addressing the gathering, Amma reflected “Today we commemorate the complete freedom that India attained. Today is the anniversary that we got our own Constitution and legal system after the British rule.

Let us remember and honor the sacrifices made by patriots who laid down their lives for the freedom of our country. By embracing their sacrifices, may our lives become a role model for others to follow.

It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities to Bharatamba, Mother India, who has nursed, nurtured and nourished us. May the grace of God bless everyone with peace, harmony, and unity for our Nation.”

The celebration concluded with Amma spreading joy by distributing sweets to all the military personnel, symbolizing the sweetness of unity and shared patriotism.