Speeches from Birthday

Let Amma live more than a century to lead us

Sri. M.V. Rajasekhar, Honourable Union Minister of State for Planning, upon the inauguration of MAM’s Vidyamritam Program of 30,000 scholarships for children of poor farmers

“This land has been known for centuries for spiritual advancement. This land is led by spiritualism and knowledge. This is the land that made Buddha, Mahaveeri, Shankara, Basavanna, Narayana Guru, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. This is the land where Swami Vivekananda was born. And this is the land where sacred Amma was born.”

“It is Amma’s contribution that has enhanced and given solace to lakhs and lakhs of poor people. It was Amma who responded as the tsunami struck India in December 2004. It was Amma who brought solace and peace to the thousands of fishermen. It was Amma who provided shelter to that community that has suffered from tsunami. Amma’s contribution in the field of education, in the field of providing livelihood to the thousands of women who are downtrodden and who need support. It is Amma who is always in the forefront, providing help and relief to such people who have been suffering from either natural disasters or various problems. So, therefore, on this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to pay my reverence to Amma and then pray to God, ‘Let Amma live more than a century to lead us and provide light, prosperity, peace and harmony in this world.”

These children without parents are no longer orphans

Sri. S. Sharma, Honourable Minister for Fisheries & Registration of Kerala, upon the inauguration of MAM’s program for the vocational training of 5,000 groups of women from impoverished agricultural families

“People without support, people who are suffering and people who are poor—many such people are there in our society. In that society, understanding their complaints, problems and difficulties, helping them and consoling them with love and compassion and service. This is Amma. When one works like that, one becomes adorable and respected by the whole world. The breadth of Amma’s humanitarian service is too vast to recount. Amma’s tsunami relief work was so perfect that has attracted world attention. These children without parents are no longer orphans. They have a mother in Amma. Time will prove it. On Amma’s birthday, in my name, in my government’s name, in the name of the people, I offer all best wishes. With love, I offer it to you.”

Tantra Vidya will always remember Amma

Sri. Paravur Sreedharan Tantri, Chairman and founder, Sri Narayana Tantrika Research Vidyalayam,
upon his acceptance of the 2007 Amrita Keerti Puraskar

“My prostrations to the Para-Shakti [Supreme Power] who has taken the form of Amma.
“Even though I have received many awards, but I consider this as my spiritual award.
“In this time of Kali Yuga, to save us from all sorrows, the Lord of the Universe has taken human form. That is Amma.
“The pratishtha (installation) that Amma has performed [Brahmasthanam Temples] no other acharya has done. That should be written in golden letters in the Tantra Scriptures or in the Pratishtha Vidhanam [Science of Temple Instillation] or Vedic Scriptures. The school of Tantra Vidya will always remember Amma.”