Guru is the full moon

3 Jul 2023 — Amritapuri Ashram

Gurupurima is celebrated at Amritapuri Ashram, where Amma’s padapuja was conducted by Swamji. Following the puja and arati, Amma delivered her Guru Punima message, sharing her insights and teachings on this special occasion.

“Guru Pūrṇima is the celebration of a disciple attaining a state of completeness in thought and action. The Bhagavad-Gītā is, in reality, the conversation between a Guru and a disciple. Śraddha, bhakti and viśvas are the core expression of spirituality and the Guru-disciple relationship.

A mother’s love for her child is considered the highest form of love. But the love that a Satguru has for the disciple is boundless and unparalleled. The Guru knows well all the weaknesses and limitations of the disciple. Even so, to become worthy of the grace and proper guidance of the Guru, the disciple should have love, patience, devotion and faith.

A Satguru is like a key that can open wide the treasury of the secrets of the universe. The Guru is waiting patiently to impart this secret to the disciple. The Satguru teaches not to run away from problems but to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the problems. Once the disciple realises the nature of problems, he will be able to face them without losing his mental balance and happiness.

The Sun’s light dispels darkness. Yet it also can burn us. However, the moon’s light is different. It dispels darkness but is cool at the same time. It is exceptionally beautiful and imparts joy. This is the nature of the Guru. The Guru is the full moon, free from all blemishes. The Guru’s compassion can be compared to the cooling rays of the full moon.

Only goodness will flow from a Guru. May all be blessed to follow such a Guru and become worthy of their blessing.”

After delivering her message, Amma proceeded with the Gita Challenge talk, providing explanations for two Gita slokas. Following that, she gracefully danced to the tunes of Baduga music, spreading joy among the devotees. Amma then distributed prasad to everyone and blessed them with darshan.


Ashram Children chanting Vedic Hymns
Swamiji garlanding Amma, Shakti is looking on
at Her lotus feet
Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha