Amritsar to Amritapuri with an invitation to Amritsar

Giani Harpreet Singh, Jathedar of Akali Takth

1 March 2023, Amritapur

Giani Harpreet Singh, the spiritual leader of Sikhs worldwide and head of the Akal Takht at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, made a historic visit to the Amritapuri Ashram today.

During his private meeting with Amma, they discussed various spiritual matters for over 40 minutes with Amma emphasizing the importance of applying spiritual principles in our daily lives.

Singh also extended an invitation for Amma to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar, which she graciously accepted.

This marks the first meeting between the two spiritual leaders. This is also Jathedar’s first visit to Kerala who is the supreme spokesperson of the Khalsa.