The purpose of yoga is to bring out the full potential

21 Jun 2022, International Yoga Day, Amritapuri Ashram

International Yoga Day was observed at the Ashram. People of all age groups participated in the yoga session in the presence of Amma.
Afterwards, Amma gave a message in that she said:

“One of the most invaluable gifts India has given to the world is yoga. According to scientists, human beings use only a fraction of their innate physical and mental capacities in life. Many people use iPads and smartphones, but still they only use a small percentage of these gadgets’ inbuilt features. This is how it also is when it comes to the utilisation of mental and physical capacities. Yoga is the way to awaken our inborn capacities and attain the ultimate state of perfection.

“Absence of diseases, the ability to do physical work without feeling weak, having mental sharpness and emotional balance—only when all four of these are present can we say we are in good health. It is yoga that ensures such wholesome wellbeing.

“The purpose of yoga is not like going to a gym, where only physical strength and muscle size are increased. But the purpose of yoga is to ensure ideal physical health and to bring out the full potential of the mind and intellect. Relaxation of the body, mind and intellect is an important aspect of yoga.

“Yogasanas must be performed with total awareness and full concentration. Whether in yoga or any other spiritual practice, following external and internal disciplines and austerities is extremely important. We must avoid wrong actions; we must do right practices. Only when we follow a life strongly established in values, will we be able to progress as desired in yoga.

“Let us all strive together to nurture and spread yoga, which is an invaluable skill taught to us by our Rishis. Let the practice of yoga benefit the entire world. Let divine grace be with us in this effort.”

After the speech Amma led all in Meditation and prayer for world peace.