A happy person is a strong person

Amma speaks

9 May 2020, Amritapuri
~from Amma’s message during corona times

We have been staying within our homes and apartments for many weeks now, in keeping with the lockdown measures against Coronavirus. Most of you may be fed up with this. Maybe it is causing many of your stress. Because of the lockdown, many plans have had to be put on hold. Regardless, my children should try to remain as cheerful as possible.

It is only because of your shraddha [alert vigilance] during these days that we have been able to control the spread of the virus to the extent we have. But if our shraddha wavers now, even a little bit, all of the efforts we have put in thus far will go to waste. So, my children should continue to maintain their shraddha and try as hard as you can to adhere to the rules of the lockdown. My children should try to forebear with patience.

As we all know, the state of the world right now is pitiful. Global deaths attributed to the virus have surged to nearly 300,000. Some countries have been affected more than others. In India, too, the cases in many states have increased. Because of the high density of population here, we have to be more careful in India. As Amma has said before, Amma sees the world as a flower. Each country is a petal of the flower. If even one petal is attacked by a worm, it will soon affect the entire flower. We are seeing such a situation now. It will take sincere effort and the positive attitude of the people from every part of the world to ensure that this world-flower remains healthy and beautiful. This is the time when the entire world should come together, as children of one mother, forgetting all differences. It is time for the world to reinvestigate global environmental protection and sustainability policies and move forward after correcting previous mistakes.

Many of Amma’s children are disturbed at this time for different reasons. Some are facing financial troubles. Some feel the distress of not being able to see their family and friends. Children, when you feel sad about such a thing, just think, even best friends don’t see each other all the time. People move all the time, sometimes for months at a stretch, especially those outside India. Sometimes, the husband and wife live apart when their jobs take them far away from each other. Such things happen. At such times, they learn to adjust and move forward. Try to see such a separation from this perspective. Whatever happens, don’t lose courage. Only if we maintain our mental courage can we think and act properly.

Children, try to think of the best way to use this time. Exchange words and messages that inspire enthusiasm and optimism. Everyone has a phone these days. So, send messages of reassurance and inspiration. Speak to and comfort each other. Children, in this way you should help each other. Amma believes that you are all doing this. This will be helpful. This is a time when everyone should uphold maximum cooperation, tolerance, love and unity within the family and outside as well. If we put in the proper effort and maintain a prayerful attitude, it definitely makes a big difference.

Amma has often said that, like all other decisions, being happy is also a decision. We should take the firm decision that we will remain happy and courageous, regardless of the circumstances. Whether we laugh or cry, the days will pass by. My children, decide whether you want to live laughing or crying. When you make the decision to face life cheerfully, no matter what it brings, it will definitely create an atmosphere of happiness around you. This ambience will also impart happiness and optimism to those around you as well. A happy person is a strong person. When such a person encounters someone who is sad, he will have the resolve and strength to reduce that person’s sorrow. This itself can be a major step in helping to remove that person’s sadness. One person can certainly influence others. Therefore, if my children can remain cheerful, they can spread this cheer and help alleviate the suffering of some others, at least temporarily. My children, try to awaken happiness and cheer in each other as much as possible.