Self-confidence is nothing but courage, control and mental balance

4-6 July, New York – America Yatra 2019

For three days Amma held public programs of darshan, satsang, bhajan in the heart of Manhattan at the Grand Hyatt which drew huge crowds from all over the country. Amma spoke about the importance of having faith in ourselves. “If you don’t have faith in yourself, then there is not much to gain even if you believe in God. Faith in God is to strengthen your faith in you, the faith in your own Self. This is, in other words, called Self-confidence–– confidence in your own Self. If that is not there you cannot succeed in life, whatever your field may be. Self-confidence is nothing but mental balance, courage and control over your own mind to confront the problems of life.”

The final program, being a Saturday night, went all night until mid-morning, upon which Amma and the tour group travelled further up the East Coast for the next stop on the summer tour in Marlborough, Massachusetts.