Amma is the calm amidst the storm

14-16 November 2018Sandown Racecourse, Esher, United Kingdom
The final leg of Amma’s 2018 European Tour saw devotees from all over the United Kingdom, and many from all over Europe, come together to spend a final few days in Amma’s presence. For the UK devotees, there was also a palpable anticipation in the air, for after the final Devi Bhava darshan, at long last, the dream of Amma’s UK children would be fulfilled as she visited new Amma center in Bromley, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. 
Amma was welcomed to the United Kingdom by the Mayor of the Borough of Elmbridge, Councillor Shweta Kapadia; acclaimed actress Luisa Bradshaw White.

Mayor Kapadia remarked, “People everywhere need to come together, and it is only through understanding each other that we can do this.  We all truly do need to embrace the world as Amma has taught us. Together with her compassion and service to humanity, her vision for social reform, her life and work have inspired thousands of people around the world. We are therefore honored that Amma-ji has chosen to come to us here in Elmbridge.”

Ms. Bradshaw White shared with the audience the impact Amma has had on her life. “I’ve been coming to see Amma for 14 years. I remember not knowing what to expect the first year, but had the most heart-opening experience just walking into the hall. This was before her hug—the hug where you just fall into her embrace. The hug where she seems to know your whole life story. The compassion in her eyes. The love in her heart. This is Amma. This is the most love I’ve ever felt. I am her child. In this very materialistic and sometimes scary world, she is the calm amidst the storm – gently reminding us to have love in our hearts, and that materialistic things are not in important. Thank you Amma. Thank you for coming all this way to open our hearts.” 

In her final address of her 2018 European Tour, Amma reminded the audience that there is light within each of us that can never be extinguished. “Goodness is the manifestation of God within us all. It is our true wealth. We must not let anyone steal this from us. We should never allow any other person’s words or actions to erase the words that God has written in our hearts.”

As Amma moved on to the next stop on her journey – the Abu Dhabi Interfaith Summit to Protect Child Dignity in the Digital World – it was these words that her children would carry with them into their daily lives and the year ahead, spreading the light of Amma’s love and compassion far beyond those who she was able to physically take into her arms.

After the London programme, Amma blessed the new Mata Amritanandamayi Center, UK, with Her visit. Though the last programme ended around 10 am, Amma served dinner, sang bhajans and meditated with all those present at the Center, the very same evening. It was a grand finale to Amma’s European Tour 2018