Amrita  takes vocational skill training to Africa

In partnership with STEP Innovations Africa, Amrita Vishswa Vidyapeetham’s Ammachi Labs initiated a pilot deployment of the computerized vocational education and training (computerized) in Motorcycle Repair Service at Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC), a premier vocational training institution in Kigali, Rwanda.

This course is a self paced eLearning package developed in-house by AMMACHI Labs, aligned to national occupational standards. Complete with multimedia-rich instructional videos, interactive assessments, 3D game components and guides, the course is designed for low literacy users and with no prior experience in automotive repair. Students in Rwanda felt empowered by this course and look forward to more opportunities from Amma’s team.

25 people from two separate locations took part: 20 students from the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC), a premier vocational training institute in Kigali, and five students from the Circle de Sportiff slum, located in the city’s outskirts.

“I was surprised seeing a woman with a child on her back repairing a bike!” said IPRC instructor Frederick, referring to one the Circle de Sportiff students Deborah S., who was a mother. “She was very apt. She is competent. She was doing well—better than the boys. This course will help many people to get a job, even run a business.”

“Thank you for your cause to teach us. I tell again, thank you so much because even if you go, we know you will come back to Rwanda. We, the students of motorcycle repair would also like to deliver a message to Amma: We greet you. And we love you, even though we’ve seen your picture only. We don’t know you face to face, but we love you so much because of your work and the things you do in the other countries. That’s why we wish to see you in our country, in Rwanda. Thank You.” -Deborah S. (student).

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