Antidote to confusion, hatred and confrontation is Compassion

1-2 December, Helsinki, Finland – Europe Yatra 2017

Amma’s programme in Finland was held in Helsinki at the Fat Pipe Arena. Amma’s visit was held just five days in advance of Finland’s centennial celebration of achieving its independence as a nation; filling the air with an additional layer of joy and festivity. The Finnish devotees presented Amma with a cake with 100 candles to mark the special occasion, along with a prayer asking Amma to keep their country in her embrace now and forever. Devotees and newcomers from neighbouring countries including the other countries of Scandinavia as well as Russia and Estonia made the trip to Helsinki to receive Amma’s darshan.

Throughout the two days of Amma’s programmes, a gentle snowfall decorated the trees and landscape, much to the delight of the international tour group travelling with Amma. They made good use of the snow; even creating a 3-dimensional snow sculpture in the shape of the Amma logo, as well as a Shiva Lingam complete with a sculpture of the Divine bull Nandi facing the Shiva. Both sculptures were much appreciated by the staff and devotees; and finally, they were brought to the stage to offer directly to Amma. Amma spent time with the sculptures, even polishing the sculpture of Nandi to better represent his form.

Amma was welcomed to Finland by India’s Ambassador to Finland, Ms. Vani Rao, as well as Mr. Tunna Milanoff, the acclaimed filmmaker and writer.

In her remarks, Ms. Rao reflected: “Today, we all lead very busy lives. I think it is very important to contemplate on what one is really here for—what is our role in this universe. And those of us who are a little more privileged, all our needs are taken care of, how do we share with those who have less? I think these are exactly the kind of questions for which Gurus like Amma have provided so many answers. Her life itself has been an inspiration to so many people. Coming from a very humble back ground and being a woman, Amma has risen to a position of spiritual dominance in India. She has also undertaken exemplary work, health care, education, rural development, and so many other areas where she has done commendable contribution in India. I am very happy that she is here amongst us today and I hope that through her presence and her words of wisdom we will be able to find a sense of peace and quiet in our life.”

Tunna Milonoff said, “It is an exceptional honor for me to welcome a unique woman to Finland today. Amma has often said that the world needs love now perhaps more than ever.  The whole planet is currently in the midst of a tremendous transition and it causes in all of us confusion, hatred and confrontation. However, there is an antidote to this, and it is compassion.  Amma does more concrete work of compassion and love than anyone else in the world. Amma also encourages us all to look for concrete ways in which we ourselves can work continuously for the benefit of other people. So, let’s all take Amma’s compassion today into our hearts and spread the cataclysmic impact of love around the world.”

Amma herself also spoke about the unspeakable value of love above all else in this world: “Love is the wealth that makes the one who gives happier than the one who receives. It is the wealth we possess but are yet to become aware of. It is the footprints of love that stay imprinted forever in the path of time.”