Satguru’s greatness lies in their incomparable, indestructible and limitless presence

9 Jul, Gurupurnima celebrations, Canada – America-Canada Yatra 2017

Amma’s message on Gurupurnima

“There are so many different types of relationships based on love in the world. However, the relationship between the Satguru and the disciple is beyond all these relationships. Gurupurnima is a day to contemplate on the greatness of a true disciple, along with that of a true Master. This is because the Guru resides within the heart of a true disciple. A mother or father only exist where a son or daughter exists. Similarly, a true disciple creates an opportunity to awaken the Guru within the Realized Master.

“The Guru is complete and perfect. This is a state of supreme bliss where there is nothing left to gain for oneself or others. Like the vast sky, the ocean, the wind or an endlessly flowing river, the Guru is a merely a presence. When the disciple awakens this presence within his or her heart, there originates the relationship between the Guru and disciple.

“The Master has no feeling of, “I am the Master.” There is nothing for the wind, ocean or sky to prove or claim, because all proof is in their mere presence. Similarly, the proof of a Satguru’s greatness lies in their incomparable, indestructible and limitless presence. The disciple’s love, devotion and faith attract this presence, and awaken the the Guru principle (Guru Tattva) within them.

“In reality, the Guru Principle cannot be described in words. The Guru is a manifestation of the entire universe in a human form. Just as we cannot describe eternity, the Satguru is beyond description.

“We cannot see wind; we can only experience it. Similarly, we can only experience the Master’s greatness in our hearts. When the infinite energy of the Satguru flows towards the disciple, it blossoms as devotion, love, faith and self-surrender within the disciple.

“All Amma’s children’s actions and duties should be filled with the sweetness of love. Love transforms all our actions into ‘Guru Seva’ or service to the Master.

“Only a Guru knows how to handle a disciple. Only the Master knows how to rid us of our laziness. We typically desire to follow the whims and fancies of the mind, but the mind always pulls us down. It will pull us all the way down to a hellish existence. So, we need to awaken awareness of the Self and become like fire. Even if it is turned upside down, it will move upwards. May all Amma’s children be blessed with this awareness. May you all have inner strength. May grace bless all of you. Amma offers this to the Paramatma.