Love & Serve, that is the real Gurudakshina

18 Feb 2017, Amritapuri

The 2017 batch of MBBS medical students at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi came to Amritapuri today to receive their graduation certificates from Amma. They also had their class portrait taken with her.

During darshan Amma gave certificates to all, one by one, and had a small interaction individually encouraging them to do well or pursue higher studies. After they received the certificates, two of the young doctors came to Amma with a Guru Dakshina (a collection of sum of rupees offered to Amma).

When they offered it to Amma, Amma said, “Children, love and serve the serve the patients that come to you. That is the dakshina Amma wants from you, not this. The profession of a doctor is very blessed one. They are the ones who can help people in their suffering, who can help ease their pain. That is the greatest service. Help people when they need it. Love them and care for them. That is the real Guru Dakshina.”