Birthday buzz starting in Amritapuri

25 September 2006 — Amritapuri

There is a buzz that starts in Amritapuri around the time of Amma’s birthday. It starts about a week prior to the actual date, increasing in intensity until the day finally arrives.

Each day more and more devotees from all over India and abroad have been arriving in Amritapuri. The ashram pathways and open spaces have been covered with temporary roofing in order to protect the massive crowds from the frequent rain and their is joyous feeling in the air.

There is lots of cleaning going on as well. And today Amma herself came down to inspect things and to lend a hand in various last-minute projects.

Tomorrow night, the celebrations will officially begin, with cultural performances from leading artists being offered at Amma’s feet. And the next morning—the 27th—will be a full day of satsang, bhajans, pada-puja, inauguration of new charities and, of course, Amma’s darshan.