Hurricane Katrina relief efforts continue

7 September 2005,  Arkansas, USA

Today Brahmachari Dayamrita Chaitanya visited some of the camps where the evacuees have been relocated. Though, their physical needs are being met, many of them are still traumatized by the experience. The harshest suffering seems to be amongst women who have been separated from their children and family. During the evacuation, women and children were sent first in buses. The men came later. Many are still searching for their near and loved ones. Dayamrita had the chance to meet and console a lady who had lost two of her children. They were with her mother before the storm hit New Orleans. She is yet to find their whereabouts.

The volunteers from Amrita Yoga Center in Arkansas are going every day to help, counsel and give guidance to the families. The volunteers have been helping the survivors find jobs & housing apart from getting them familiarized with the neighborhood.

As you may already know, evacuees from Louisiana will be sent to many other states as well. M. A. Center’s affiliates in Oklahoma, Missouri, California and Minnesota are gearing up to help the evacuees. Tomorrow, Br. Dayamrita will travel to Louisiana to continue the relief efforts.

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