Krishna talk: kids on Sri Krishna

26 August 2005, Amritapuri

On Krishna Jayanti, Amritapuri is full of little Krishnas, Radhas, and various gopikas. Many of them, in fact, are from the West. They participate in the uriyadi, the pot-breaking game; walk in the Krishna procession with all the Ashram cows; put on small dramas about Krishna’s life; do dances and sing songs. This year, we had a chance to speak with some of them and to find out some of their thoughts and feelings about Sri Krishna and the day celebrating his birth.

Auguste, 8 years old, France:

Why are you dressed like this?
Because it is Krishna’s Birthday!

Did you choose to be dressed like that?
Yes, of course! Today is a very special day

Why do you like Krishna?
I like him because Amma likes him. She likes him the most!

What would you ask him for?
I would ask him: Can you please put me in Paramatman?

And what would you ask Amma for?
The same, of course!

Who do you like more, Amma or Krishna?

I don’t know… I just like Amma more!

Beatrice, 11 years old, Spain:

“I am in Amritapuri since a month and will be leaving back to Spain in two days. Yes, I am very happy today because it is a festival day. It is a celebration of Krishna’s birthday.”

Who is Krishna?
One man who was very mischievous when he was a kid…. He is God also!

Why do you like him?
Because he helped other people.

Any other reason?
He was also like Amma. He loved all the people and also nature, the birds and animals.

What would you ask Krishna for?
To help all the people in the world, especially the poor people.

Dev (Victor), 13 years old, Spain:

I have been in Amritapuri for 20 days now. I came with my parents. Today is a very happy day for me, as it is Krishna’s birthday. It is a special day: we all dress up nicely, and there will be nice programmes and lots of fun. I will participate in the pot-breaking game in the afternoon. Looking forward for that!

Who is Krishna?
Krishna is a God

How do you know?
Someone told me.

Who is that?
I just heard.

If you had something to ask Krishna for, what would it be?
I have many things to ask!

Like what?
I want the world to be happy.

Darsana – Vandya, 8 years old, France:

Are you happy today?
Yes, very happy!

Because of Krishna! It is his birthday and there will be lots of games and fun!

Who is Krishna?
He is Yashoda’s son.

What is special about him?
Oh! He is God!

What does this mean?
It means that he can do lots of things… like lifting mountains.

What else?
Oh! He consoles the people that are sad and helps them.

Why are you here?
Because I want to see Amma! I am here since two months with my parents, my brother and sister.

Do you like Amma?
Oh yes! I love her?

Because she is very nice and sweet. She is very beautiful too!

What would you ask Her for?
To be like her!

Nealu, 8 years old, USA:

Is it the first time you participate in Krishna’s birthday?
No, it’s my 2nd or 3rd time. Last time was two years ago…

What do you like best?
Breaking the pots! And getting the money.

Did you break one today?
No (sad), haven’t broken any yet… But next year, I’ll be older and I think I’ll break one. My brother was nine when he broke his first, and I’ll be nine next year!

Wow! What else do you like?
The cow-procession in the morning. I love holding the calf. It was so cute when we returned to the cowshed after the procession and he jumped from my arms to run to his home.

By the way, do you know who Krishna is?
He’s a deity.

What is a deity?
Oh, it’s like an avatar or something.

Do you like Krishna?
I like Amma! But I also like Krishna and the other one, Rama, some.

What is special about Krishna?
He played the flute really well… and other things.

What would you ask him for if you could?
Don’t know… If anything I’d ask for no wars. Wars scare me!

What would you ask Amma for?
World peace.

What does that mean?
Well, non-violence and peace.

Mahima, 9 years old, France:

I am very happy today. It is because it is Krishna’s birthday.

What is special in this?
Oh, come on! It’s a big festival! Everyone is getting disguised. In the morning we were being mischievous like Krishna, stealing curd from adults and laughing!

What else will happen?
There will be many events and games, and Amma will sing to Krishna in the night!

Is it the first time you see this?
Yes, and it is so exciting!

Why are you dressed like that?
Oh, because I am Radha!

Who is Radha?
Krishna’s wife.

So are you Krishna’s wife?
Not really (laughs)… like his wife! Krishna loved Radha the most, you know?

So does he love you the same?
… I think so!

By the way, who is Krishna?
He is the ‘saving god’ and Yashoda’s son.

What would you ask him for?
That I can always stay with Amma.

And what would you ask Amma for?
That she gives me darshan everyday! Also that Krishna appears to us!

What is the difference between Amma and Krishna?
Hey, they are the same!

How come? She is a woman and he is a man. She dresses in white and he dresses in colours!
Not that! You are not getting it! Inside, they are the same!