World peace is not possible by human effort alone

9 September 2004 — Cochin, Kerala

“Usually, only when our human efforts fail, do we approach God,” Amma said in Her morning satsang at the Brahmasthanam Festival in Cochin. “The current status of the world is such that world peace is not possible through human effort alone. Therefore, we have to pray for God’s grace. Collective prayers have a powerful effect. When the Sky Lab satellite was falling, scientists asked people to pray that it wouldn’t fall on land. The prayers had their effects; it fell into the sea.”

Before the 15,000 or so people gathered at the ashram, Amma repeated Her request that all Her children take part—and encourage others to take part in the International Day of Peace prayer to be held at 12:00 noon (your time) on Tuesday, 21 September.