Harikrishnan V.

Harikrishnan V. (India)

“Amma taught me the meaning of doing selfless service.” —Harikrishnan V.

An excerpt from the AITEC engineering student’s Amritavarsham50 Youth Summit speech on Amma’s impact on his life.

“If it hadn’t been for Amma, only God knows where I would be by now—perhaps in jail. So one must always think that Mother is around you, shielding you from many evils. When this is so, some positive change is bound to happen.

“Amma, moreover, taught me the meaning of doing selfless service. Can anyone sit in a place and hug thousands of people for hours at a stretch and not do as much as even yawn? She does so to give solace by taking up the sorrows and the pains of so many who have never received such love before. As the Universal Mother, She takes up the responsibility of looking after all Her children in the whole world.

“Selfless service is doing work for others without expecting the benefits from it for yourself. If you are expecting to get something good back from your work and you don’t get it, naturally you’ll be unhappy. Even if you get it, your happiness will not last. Doing work selflessly, however, evokes a happiness that lasts forever. So, it is better not to expect anything in return and be happy if you get something and forget about it if you don’t.”