Youth Summit – Programme Schedule

The Future Generation Embracing Selfless Service for Peace & Harmony

On 26 September 2003, Amritavarsham50 held its Youth Summit. Bringing together youth from around the world to speak about the impact Amma has had on their lives. Later in the day, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the President of India, delivered an address to the youth, as did several other important dignitaries and celebrities of our times.

Part I — Transformation for the Individual

Gayathri Somnath (India)
“Constant Guide: amma is always there to mould our studies, our thoughts and our character.” Gayathri is a 20-year-old student at AITEC, Coimbatore.

Eknath Graham O’Connor (USA)
“Amma’s Love Makes Us Feel That We Are Her Child”

Felix Elmendorff (Germany)
“Amma in My Life”
Felix is a 26-year-old from Germany, who spent more than a year serving in Amma’s Amritapuri Ashram upon completing high school.

Part II — Transformation for the Society

Vani Daisy Rockliffe (France)
“Giving meaning to life: Amma’s love gives strength and confidence to act in today’s world.”
Vani is an 18-year-old from France.

Harikrishnan V. (India)
“Amma in My Life”
Harikrishnan is an engineering student at AITEC, Amritapuri.

Mila Hamilton (USA)
“From Material Wealth to Spiritual Wealth: Amma’s living example of Enlightened Leadership.”
Mila is an 18-year-old from Fairfield, Iowa.

Part III — Inspiration to Serve

Sri Krishna (India)
“Amma in My Life”
Krishna is a software engineering student at AITEC, Coimbatore

Kyoto Sato & Miki Sugaya (Japan)
“Self Transformation Through Selfless Service”
As part of a programme between their university in Japan and Amma’s Ashram, Kyoto & Miki helped rebuild three villages that had been destroyed by the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake.

Arjuna Sayyed (USA)
“Amma in My Life”
Arjuna is a 21 year old from Oakland, California.

Part IV — Inspiration to Know

Amritasri Holi Birman (Australia)
“Surrendering to Divine Will: Amma Helps Us to Grow From Within”

G. Sai Prasanna Kumar (India)
“Amma in My Life”
Sai is an engineering student at AITEC, Bangalore.

Ramya Pradhan (India)
“Amma in My Life”

Durga Michelle Morais (Brazil)
“Amma in My Life”
Michelle is 22-year-old from Brazil who is studying at the Amma’s Medical College at AIMS Super Specialty Hospital in Cochin, Kerala.

Part V — Addresses to the Youth

Addresses to the Youth by Amma & The President of India

Inspirational Messages to the Youth By:

Ms. Hanne Strong
Spiritual Leader & Environmentalist

Padmashree Mammootty
Leading Kerala film star

Shri. Bawa Jain
Chairman, The World Youth Peace Summit

Ms. Sushma Swaraj
India’s Honourable Union Health Minister of India

Shri. B.V. Jagadeesh
Founder, Exodus Communications

C.K. Prahalad
“Management guru” from University of Michigan in USA

Shri. Jackie Shroff
Leading Indian film star

Ms. Kuki Gallmann
Environmentalist & Founder, Gallmann Memorial Foundation

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar
Scholar & Former State Minister of Maharashtra