Prayer really helps

Sept. 18, 2001 Amritapuri

Tuesday is a day set aside for meditation at Amritapuri. It also provides a precious opportunity for all the residents to spend a few hours in Amma’s presence. At this time Amma can give all Her attention to answering questions and discussing spiritual matters with Her children. In the morning everyone gathers in the temple to sit in silence and contemplation; late in the morning or early in the afternoon Amma arrives, and, after a guided meditation, gives satsang and prasad.

Today, before the guided meditation, Amma asked everyone to dedicate the benefits of their meditation to helping the souls of the departed and to easing the suffering of all those who have lost a loved one, as well as for the peace of the whole world.

After the meditation, Amma asked everyone to sincerely pray for world peace. She then led all assembled in chanting “Lokah Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu” (May all beings be happy) nine times, followed by the universal prayer for peace “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.”

Amma also said that She was very happy about the special archanas and prayers for peace which continue to be conducted every day at Amritapuri. Originally scheduled for seven days, in the light of the events taking place in the world, these prayers will continue indefinitely.

About these prayers, Amma said that they really do have an effect. She reminded everyone that some years ago, when the Skylab was going to fall to earth, even the scientists asked everyone to pray that it land in the ocean, so that no one would be hurt. Amma said that at that time, even the atheists began to focus their attention on that goal. And, when it did fall to earth, where did the Skylab land? Not in a populated area, not on land at all, but at sea. Amma said that in the same way, surely prayers for peace will reduce people’s suffering and reduce the magnitude of conflicts in the world.