Spoken english, yoga, sanskrit classes for Tsunami kids

25 April 2005

The tsunami has created a big shock in the minds of the children in the affected areas. Understanding this, the Amma has been providing them with counselling for the past several months through child psychiatrists of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences.

Many children have become afraid of the sea and of water in general. Among many programmes focused on the care of the children, the Ashram has been offering them swimming lessons in the Ashram swimming pool.

Now for the development of their knowledge and enthusiasm, the Ashram has organised and begun offering free classes in spoken English, yoga and Sanskrit.

Special emphasis is being given to the personality development of the children based on cultural awareness. Yoga Acharyas from the Patanjali Yoga Vidya Peetham, English teachers from the Amrita Educational Institutions and sannyasins from the Ashram are teaching the classes for the children.

Today the children had a wonderful question-and-answer session with Amma. And every night of the camp, the children will perform cultural performances for each other.

The food and accommodation is free for the 3,000 children that are participating in the week long camp