Amma gives darshan to surat for the first time

Bharata Yatra 2004

8 March, 2004 — New Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amma’s first visit to Surat found thousands coming to hear Her satsang, listen to Her bhajans and have Her darshan. In remembrance of the historic occasion, Smt. Snehalateben Chawan, the Honourable Municipal Mayor of Surat, and Member of Parliament Smt. Savitaben Sharada presented Amma with a beautiful gold kalasha [ceremonial pot] on behalf of the citizens of the city.

Shri. Kashiram Prana, the Honourable Union Minister for Rural Development, also was there to welcome Amma to the city. The Honourable Minister said that he had been trying to come to Amma’s Amritapuri ashram for some time, but had not been able to. So he felt that it was an answer to his prayers that Amma had finally come to bless the city of Surat. He felt Amma’s coming was a miracle in its own right. In his speech, he also prayed to Amma that the citizens of Surat would be inspired to dedicate their lives to loving and serving the world like Amma.

The program took place in the modern S.M.C. indoor stadium, which was full of Suratites, clamouring to have their first encounter with Amma. As Amma gave darshan, Her image was projected onto two giant TV screens adding to the program’s futuristic vibe. As one senior brahmachari commented, “This place looks like a space ship!”

Amma treated Her Surat children by singing many bhajans in Gujarati, including “Dhiyo Darshan Ma Devi Ma.”