2 March 2001, Mananthavadi to Mysore Journey

Amma feeding a blindfolded devotee

Mother has said that everything She does has a meaning. That’s why, when seated below two grand trees for lunch a few days ago She suddenly blindfolded a man sitting near Her, the thought immediately came: is this a teaching? Watch!

She completely covers his eyes, and everyone laughs. He is in darkness. She takes a spoonful of food and holds it near him. Not seeing it, he does nothing. Everyone laughs, Mother laughs, She swallows the food Herself. Again She offers him a spoon; again there is no reaction from him; more laughter and again She takes the spoonful. And then once more. He is growing suspicious at this intermittent laughter.

And Amma generously gives him another chance – in fact, this time the spoonful of curry and rice is so close that it almost touches his nose. The aroma must have been his cue for his mouth opens wide, ready.

Contrary to the expectation of all the watchers, She withdraws the spoon and again eats the food Herself, leaving him with open, empty mouth. Now everyone is laughing harder than ever, and She removes his blindfold and he sees what the play was and joins in the laughter.

For how many lifetimes, one may wonder, do we sit not even smelling the food of Truth held out to us by God? And when we finally begin to realise there must be Something there, isn’t it because of God’s Grace that has placed the spoon so close? And when we at last open our mouths, won’t God feed us? Does the story end here? Not at all: what God wants to feed us is no ordinary rice and curry – nothing, in fact, that we can imagine. She just wants to remove our blindfolds and then we and She and all will be laughing together.