Late night playfulness

9 – 11 November 2000, Turin, Italy

Next, Mother travelled to Turin in Italy, the final stop on this year’s European Tour. The hall was colourfully decorated. Even in chilly northern Italy, the sun could not resist coming out to take a peek at the Divine Mother.

On the second night all were treated to a Bharatanatyam dance performance. All the European devotees wanting to catch the last hours of Amma’s Europe Tour 2000 gathered in Turin, and shared in the blissful experience of Amma’s bhajans. The intensity of her divine inspiration brought tears to many eyes.

Amma blessed the end of this tour with more late night playfulness. In the wee hours of the morning, as the darshan line came to an end, Amma started teasing and joking with the devotees, then started singing some songs. A few lucky devotees found their Mother singing softly as she cradled them in her lap. Forever imprinted in the hearts of all present are the grateful tears of those overcome by the beauty of hearing Amma’s voice as she held them close. The moments of Amma singing a capella, alone, were pure bliss for her children. The softness of her voice in the silent late hours of the night felt like a lullaby.

The last Devi Bhava of the European tour ended at 8:30 in the morning. One would have thought that Amma would have gone to rest after that, but instead she called some of her devotees and spent time with them, and then she left for the airport. Amma’s tour in Europe may be over, but she has not left. She remains as the smile on each face, every kind word and glance, every loving thought and the beauty of each heart unfolding to her Grace.