Why did you leave us?

February 2000, Mumbai

On the last day of Amma’s programs in Mumbai, during the Indian Tour 2000, thousands of people flocked to see Amma in Devi bhava. Regal and resplendent, Amma was overflowing with bliss throughout the bhava darshan. At the end of the Devi bhava at about 5 a.m., when Amma was showering flowers on the devotees, She noticed that the brahmacharis working in the bookstall outside the hall, beyond the gates, across the road, were standing on tables and craning their necks to see Amma. She called them also

After the darshan, when Amma was going up to Her room, all the devotees gathered around the foot of the stairs leading to Her room and started crying out to Her. “Amma! Amma! Amma!” was the one spontaneous cry that rose from the hearts of all Her children. It was a sight to behold! The thought that their beloved Amma was going to leave them after those five blissful days in Mumbai was too much to bear. All the devotees started crying. From where She was standing, Amma gazed at them with deep compassion, a smile on Her lips, the red kumkum mark of Her Devi bhava still adorning Her forehead. The whole atmosphere was charged with love and devotion. All eyes were on Amma as Her gaze moved over each and every person gathered there.

One lady spontaneously burst into song, “Asu Bhare Nayanom Se” The soulful melody of the bhajan and the lyrics were especially poignant.

àsu bhare nayanòm se pùche ràdhà shyàm se
ràdhe shyàm ò…. ràdhè shyàm kyò ham ko chod gayè

With tear filled eyes, Radha asks Sri Krishna,
“O Radhe Shyam, why did you leave us and go away?

kuch kehakar nahi gayè na sandèsa vo dè gayè
mudkar bhi nà dèkhe gayè anàth ham to hò gayè

“He left without saying a word, neither did He leave us a message of consolation, nor did He look back even once.
Alas, we have become orphans without Him!”

— Kannadi