Kumbha Mela

January 9 to February 21 2001, Allahabad, UP

The Kumbha Mela of 2001 was held from January 9 to February 21. The shahi snan dates were January 14, 24 and 29, and the main bathing date was January 24. About 40 million people were estimated to participate in the holy event.

The previous Kumbha Mela was held at Haridwar in 1998, and an estimated 10 million people took the ritual bath in the Ganga during the festival.

The Maha Kumbha is a fascinating occasion simply from the point of view of the mind-boggling number of people who participate. It is a gathering of the devout, where there is no discrimination on the basis of caste, class, colour or creed.

The Amritapuri Ashram set up a Yagnashala at the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad in January 2001. Several of Amma’s brahmacharis conducted special pujas and homas at the Yagnashala every day. An overwhelming number of leaders from various religious groups asked if Amma would be gracing the Kumbha Mela with Her presence.

The ashram puja team of brahmacharis also made all the necessary arrangements to conduct various pujas on the most auspicious days at the Kumbha Mela for the benefit of devotees.

Amma’s brahmacharis performing the special pujas and homas at the Yagnashala for the benefit of devotees.