Amma in Reunion

Reunion in Reunion
5 April 2009 — Reunion IslandIt had been two years since Amma had last visited Reunion Island. Upon Amma’s arrival at the airport, many devotees were on-hand to receive her. On the first night of the four days of programs Amma held in the island country, she was officially welcomed by R.S. Badwal, the Consul General of India. Badwal said, “Amma is known all over the world today by her innumerable humanitarian services, she has made outstanding contribution to the human community and has been recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by international organizations.”

Dr. Catherine Gaud also came to receive Amma’s blessings. Dr. Gaud said, “Amma is the living creation of love and softness and of everything that lacks in this cruel world. When we look at her tender smile and shininess, we realize again why we are on the planet.”

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