Amma welcomed to “Tulalip Land”

Seattle, America Yatra 2015

Amma was welcomed to her first program of the 2015 North American tour by several dignitaries including Barbara Tolbert, the Mayor of Arlington, Washington, and Chairman Sheldon, one of board members of the Native American Tulalip tribe, and Patti Gobin, the Tulalip tribe office of Treaty Rights.

One year ago, the Oso Mudslide disaster occurred nearby, killing 43 people and engulfing 49 homes in the small rural community. Within an hour, Mayor Tolbert had organized an emergency response center next to City Hall. In a matter of days, she worked with other county leaders to raise money for the victims of the landslide, collecting a total of $9.1M along with community partners. The mayor visited the victims’ families daily, and was named one of Washington State’s most influential people in 2014.


Mata Rani Ki Jay

Native Americans Singing

Ms. Tolbert welcomed Amma to the Pacific Northwest, telling the assembled crowd that by coming to Amma, she feels able to recharge the compassion and love within, so that she can continue to go out and serve people in need.

Chairman Sheldon has served on the Tulalip Native American Tribe Board of Directors for more than 15 years, six years as chairman. He has helped lead major initiatives to strengthen the tribes’ economy, government, and environment. He established the first federally chartered tribal city in the United States, building a strong police department and tribal court as well as initiating major environmental restoration projects to revive salmon and natural habitat while creating strong partnerships with community leaders and other organizations.

Chairman Sheldon presented Amma with a carved rose made of sacred cedar bark and welcomed Amma to “Tulalip Land.”

Patti Gobin, the Tulalip office of Treaty Rights performed a traditional Tulalip welcome song with her granddaughter. The song included an invocation of ancestors, seeking a blessing for everyone to have proper discrimination.

Amma was in the Pacific Northwest at Xfinity Arena in Everett, Washington for three days of blissful programs. Each day Amma set aside extra time to ask everyone in the stadium to pray together for the restoration of nature’s harmony and for peace to return to the earth as well as the human mind.

– Kannadi