‘Merci Amma’ from Lou Paradou, Toulon

3-5 November, Toulon, France – Europe Yatra 2014

With lighted candles in hands and hearts lit with love, hundreds of volunteers lined up to receive Amma as she arrived at the Zenith Omega in Toulon for a three day program. Overt the next three days, thousands gathered to receive Amma’s embrace, braving even the stormy weather on the program days to make it to the hall. Amma sat for hours and hours together each day to meet her children and would get up only after making sure that everybody had the chance of getting her darshan.

In her talk, Amma reiterated the importance of investing time and energy in finding true happiness within She said, “Many of us may have watched the waves at sea. They rise, then fall, then rise again, then fall again… and this cycle continues endlessly. It is the same with our experience of the world and its objects and relationships. We may find happiness, but this happiness will soon turn to sorrow. The sorrow that we feel will subsequently turn back to happiness but this oscillation continues endlessly. In order to maintain inner balance, we need to find peace within instead of depending on the external world.”

It was a touching sight to see the huge crowd shout “Merci Amma” with tears in the eyes as Amma was leaving the venue. She stopped on the way consoling and wiping the tears of many.

After the programme, Amma visited her center in the south of France, Lou Paradou, where She served lunch for the hundreds gathered here, sang bhajans, answered questions and also walked around the center, stopping for some minutes near the beautiful river that flows through the property. Amma’s children in the south of France were immersed in bliss spending these precious moments with Amma.

– Kannadi