Life should flow incessantly like a melodious song

Amma’s Krishna Jayanti Message

15 September 2014 — Amritapuri Ashram

If there has ever been a person whose description was beyond words, it was Sri Krishna. He was a great jnani, the embodiment of strength, love and compassion, incomparably beautiful, wisdom personified, and perfect in his actions.

Amma leading a bhajan session at midnight, Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations

He also was the protector of all, an incomparable genius and an expert in many arts. He viewed the world with sama-drshti—a vision in which all are seen to be of one and the same divine essence—and was also a great philosopher and expert psychiatrist. His fame and influence were all-pervading. He was adored by all and yet was an example of humility, always interested in serving others. He was a great leader, yogi and eternally young.

Furthermore, Sri Krishna was a wonderful orator whose presence, words and actions radiated an irresistible charisma. He was a great administrator, diplomat and a valiant warrior. This wonderfully handsome presence handled all situations with a smile on his face.

Even after having enumerated all these qualities, Sri Krishna’s description remains incomplete. He was all this and much more. It doesn’t take much reflection to see that there was no one else in history like him. He transcends description, transcends thought.

If someone were to ask us to name one person who could serve as a role model for everyone, everywhere, there can only be one answer: Sri Krishna. People capable of accepting, embracing and loving life—irrespective of the situation or experience, be it good or bad—as Sri Krishna did are extremely rare.

Even his form offered a message: the flute always at his lips, the enchanting music endlessly flowing forth from it, the never-fading divine smile, the feet that were eager to dance, the eyes brimming with compassion, the body that radiated inner beauty. He was an embodiment of supreme love.

Devotees dancing to the tune of Amma’s bhajan

This is Sri Krishna’s message: Life should flow incessantly like a melodious song. Just as the dancer becomes one with the dance, we should allow our life to become one with its incessant flow—making it a blissful confluence of happiness, beauty, compassion and creativity. The flow of a river is musical, beautiful and blissful. It accepts everyone, treating everyone the same. Whether people use it for drinking or bathing, whether they worship it, spit in it or dump waste into it, it doesn’t discriminate against them. This was the message of Sri Krishna’s life as well.

May the divine teachings of Sri Krishna inspire my children to use their bodies, emotions and intellects in the service of others. May my children see themselves in everyone, and see everyone in themselves. May divine grace bless all of my children.

– Excerpted from Amma’s Sri Krishna Jayanti satsang.