Focus on a higher goal and overcome all attachments

15 August 2014 — Amritapuri Ashram

Yesterday, after meditation, Amma was asked a question about how to love without expectations like Amma does. The following is a short excerpt from Amma’s detailed answer.

Amma speaking

Amma: Human birth is meant for realizing our oneness with God. Yet, during the course of our life we develop so many attachments. These attachments give rise to expectations. And when those expectations are not fulfilled, sorrow, anger and the desire for revenge result.


When two people fall in love, they rarely understand each other’s hearts. They don’t understand that, just like they are, the other person is also seeking love. Really, both of them are like beggars, begging for love. They each desire love, yet neither of them is willing to give love. This leads to problems in the relationship, even divorce. Remember, they are not jnanis [knowers of the Self]. They have not studied the scriptures.

We should understand the nature of people and the objects of the world. For example, we know that if we touch fire, we will get burned. So, we are very careful when we handle fire. We should have similar awareness when it comes to relationships in life.


If we dedicate our life to a higher purpose, such as realizing God, then all attachments will wither away and fall off. God is a state wherein there is no duality. When there is only oneness, where is the scope for attachment or non attachment? The essence of Sanatana Dharma is to see Narayana in nara–to see God in all of humanity–and serve Him. You will also come to this state.