Open your hearts and awaken the inner child

24 Dec 2013, Xmas celebrations, Amritapuri

Christmas Eve was truly special this year. The main hall was filled with people from all over the world. Amma’s arrival to the hall started the festivities. Devotees from all over the world performed an original musical about the birth of Jesus Christ. The play told the story through the life of Saphira, a servant of King Herod, who met with the three wise men from the East who had come to see Jesus’s birth.

Amma sat surrounded with everyone around her but had two tiny tots on her lap on one side and an old French devotee dressed as Santa Claus on the other side. Amma would sway with the two tots when music was played. As the drama finished the multiple actors who wore life-sized camel and donkey suits got made their way to Amma for prasad. Classical dances on Meerabhai’s song dedicated to Lord Hari followed the drama.


After the performances, Amma shared her Christmas message, on practicing the teachings from the life and activities of Mahatmas. Amma emphasized that Christmas is the message of compassion. Each sadhak should see God’s embodiment in the Guru and enlightenment as the awakening of the “I” within. Amma said that return of Christ must not be considered external. Ego and selfishness need to be removed and accepting God within is our true goal. Our innocent heart is the true manger. Amma reminded everyone that heaven is in a seed within all of us and that enthusiasm should never be lost while on the spiritual path. Amma added that each aspect of nature teaches us such lessons and while buildings walls outside it is important not to build within our minds. As with Christmas gifts, we should open our true inner gifts and share them with the world. Like the shining star, we should not forget the goal indicating the path ahead of us. Amma said that while we remember and plan a celebration we should not forget the real reason of such celebrations. Only with a positive mind and innocence can we see the message of the Masters. Opening our hearts and awakening our inner child is the message that we need to remember. Moving from innocence to Innocence is the journey of true spiritual life, Amma reminded all.


Amma then led two bhajans to wrap up the celebrations. As the bhajans were ending, Amma continued by chanting ‘Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu’ for a few minutes. Finally the traditional Christmas cakes were then distributed to one and all taking us into a sweet Christmas morning.