500 times more efficient solar cell powered tablets for rural education

Amrita has developed a unique tablet-based multimedia learning programme for the education in villages. “It takes into account the learning needs of multi-grade rural students and is exclusively designed for the tablet format, taking into considering its screen size and low processing power” explained Raghu Raman, the director of Amrita University’s Centre for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education (CREATE).

Raghu Raman said that the learning programme is designed to work where there is little or no Internet connectivity, and that, in the first phase, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages will be supported.

Amrita Center for Nano sciences & Molecular Medicine has developed integrated nano material-based solar cells and batteries that are 500 times more efficient than the existing technology and have much larger power densities, and that this technology would be used to help power tablets used in the villages.