American Congress members meet Amma

Washington DC, 7-8 July, America Yatra – 2013

After her programs at the MA Center Chicago, Amma travelled to the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. and held two days of public programs there.

Along the way Amma stopped with the tour group for an evening picnic in a beautiful state park in Pennsylvania. Everyone sat along the shore of the lake shared a prasad dinner and sang bhajans with Amma as the sun began to set.

After bhajans Amma asked everyone to meditate and pray for world peace for a few minutes before continuing the journey. By the time all left dusk gave way to a beautiful night sky and only the light of stars and fireflies could be seen around the lake.

Over the next two days Amma held public programs in the Washington DC area gave satsang and sang bhajans, and embraced the large crowds that turned up each day.

Before departing for the next stop on the tour in New York, Amma spent a day at MA Center in the Washington DC area. In the evening Amma sat outside with the tour group and local devotees and sang several classic bhajans, including Amme Ulakam, Uttama Prematin and Mano Buddhya.

The next day, at the invitation of Congresswomen Lucille Roybal-Allard (California) and Betty McCollum (Minnesota), Amma met with more than a dozen members of the United States Congress in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, July 10.

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Among the Congressmen and Congresswomen to meet with Amma were House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (Maryland) and the civil-rights legend and 2011 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom John Lewis (Georgia). Others included Henry Waxman (California), Grace Napolitano (California), Mike Honda (California), Janice Hahn (California), Mark Takano (California), Jackie Speier (California), Barbara Lee (California), Ami Bera (California), Ruben Hinojosa (Texas) and Jan Schakowsky (Illinois).

Amma gave each of the Congressmen and Congresswomen her heartfelt embrace and sat with them, one on one, in private discussions. Many were visibly moved by the experience and by Amma’s humanitarian activities. Also present were more than 50 of the Congressmen and Congresswoman’s staff, who also had Amma’s darshan and discussions with Amma.

Upon concluding the meeting on Capitol Hill, Amma travelled to New York City, where she is holding programs July 11 through 13th.

– Tulasi