Darkness can not compete with her

June 10-14, Los Angeles, California – America Yatra 2013
Amma held 2 days of a public programs and a 3 day retreat at the LAX Hilton.

Los Angeles

People from all over Southern California converged on the program hall to hear Amma’s satsang and bhajans and to receive her darshan.  World famous actor Jim Carrey also came for Amma’s darshan.  After meeting Amma he tweeted: “I was feeling down about life ‘n’ love.  Then I met a woman named Ammachi and she gave me back my smile.  Darkness can not compete with her.”

Jim Carrey with Amma

During the first evening program several local officials including: Steven Napolitano, Senior Deputy of Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe and Melissa Uribe, Field Representative of California State Assembly member Al Muratsuchi felicitated Amma on the inauguration of the MA Center Los Angeles.

One of the highlights of Amma’s retreats are the lively question and answer sessions that take place on the second night of the retreat.  During this retreat a devotee from Mexico very innocently took the microphone and asked Amma in her native spanish, “Cuando vienes a Mexico?” asking Amma when she will come to Mexico.  Without any hesitation or waiting for someone to translate the question into English or Malayalam, Amma immediately replied, “Mañana!” or ‘tomorrow” to the delight of everyone present.

To the relief of everyone at the retreat, Amma did not leave and go to Mexico the following day, but stayed in Los Angeles to complete the 5 days of programs there.  The final Devi Bhava program began at 7pm and did not finish until  11am the following day.

– Tulasi