If one women can create such and incredible enterprise…

9-16 April 2012, Nairobi, Kenya
Brahmachari Shubamrita visited Kenya and held public programme at Oshwal Community Center, Nairobi. He gave a talk entitled “Happines is a Decision” , Bhajans and a guided meditation which was well attended by members of the African, Asian and International communities.

The guest of honor, H.E. Konrad Paulsen, ambassador of Chile to Kenya, addressed the gathering, saying: “Seeing Amma’s vast range of charitable projects one should ask oneself – if one woman can create such an incredible enterprise and serve people in need, how much more could our governments do. I was in Puerto Rico at the time when the Hurricane Katrina struck and here is an organization from India that gives one million dollars to the richest country in the world to help in the disaster relief – I found that really incredible.” {news}

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During his stay Br. Shubamrita also gave motivational talks to the employees of Techno Steel Industries and Alpharama, held meditation sessions and attended a fundraiser golf-tournament at Sigona Golf Club, Nairobi.

Br. Shubamrita also launched a new vocational training programme {news} and spent time with the children at Amrita Watoto Boma {news}.

– Das