Amma’s visit to Hyderabad – 2001

10 & 11 March, 2001

In Hyderabad or ‘Cyber-abad’, India’s second Silicon Valley, the first days evening program was held at the Pingale Reddy Hall in Lower Tank Bund Road. Incidentally this day was Holi Day. This festival marks the transition from Winter to Summer and also the beginning of the Harvesting season and is therefore a cause for celebration.

So Amma’s devotees have a double reason for celebrating – it being Holi and Amma’s first day in Hyderabad after a gap of one year. Many of the Devotees who came were multi-hued, their hands and faces bearing the different shades marking the festivities of the day.

The function on the 10th March was attended by the Minister of State for Home Affairs, Sri. Vidyasagar Rao who graciously acknowledged that social transformation is mostly not brought about by politicians but by Spiritual Leaders like Amma who selflessly serve the poor and needy. Sri O.Rajagopal, Minister of State for Railways and Parliamentary Affairs, also attended the function.

The second programme in Hyderabad was held on the 11th March in the new ashram premises on Mahindra hills, Secunderabad.

Amrita Vidyalayam, the ashram’s CBSE school in Hyderabad was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister O. Rajagopal, Minister of State for Railways & Parlimentary affairs. This will be the 38th school of its kind under the management of the ashram.

Hon’ble Minister of Roads & Bridges, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Vijaya Rama Rao recieved symbolic key of Amrita Kuteeram free housing complex from AMMA. This project provides homes to 600 poor families in Hyderabad.

The land was donated by the State Government. It was a foreboding site full of rocks and massive boulders. The above buildings of the ashram and the school were built in four months in anticipation of Amma’s visit. Up to the afternoon of the programme, devotees worked tirelessly clearing the area for the programme and building the stage. The programme started at 6.30 in the evening, workers were still adding the final touches as Mother came to the stage.