Amma’s Europe Yatra 2015

Amma to visit Europe from 6 Oct to 11 Nov holding programs – Satsang, Bhajan and Darshan – in 10 cities.

October 6 to 8
Barcelona, Spain

October 10 to 12
Munich, Germany

October 14 to 16
Winterthur, Switzerland

October 18 to 20
Paris, France

October 22 to 24
M.A. Center, Germany

October 26 to 28
Houten, Holland

October 30-31
Helsinki, Finland
November 2 to 4
Toulon, France
November 6 to 8
Milan, Italy

November 10 to 11
London, United Kingdom

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Amma in DC

Amma in Washington DC

5-6 July, Washington DC – America Yatra 2015

Amma held two days of programs in Washington DC., the Capital of the United States. Devotees from around the region who had been waiting for almost a year came to the Marriott Gateway Hotel in Crystal City, Arlington, just across the Potomac River from the National Mall, where the Washington Monument, US Capitol, and White House are located.


Amma sang bhajans, gave satsang, and led the gathered crowd in a prayer for world peace and harmony. While Amma was giving darshan, local devotees sang bhajans and performed traditional Indian dances.


Amma has taught us simplicity, humility and service

1-3 July, Chicago, IL – America Yatra 2015
Amma held three days of programs in her Chicago Ashram. This was Amma’s fourth annual visit to M. A. Center, Chicago.

The Chicago Ashram has seen many changes in the past year. The storage hall next to the main hall has been turned into the main dining area with seating outside. Many saplings had also been planted on the property.
The weather remained unusually cool, with days in the 70s and evenings in the mid-low 50s.


Mrs. Mazher Ahment and Mr. Hamid Ahmend, senior officials of Kane County, Illinois (where the Ashram is located) welcomed Amma on behalf of all citizens. Years ago, they had invited Amma to speak at the Parliament of World Religions in 1993{news} in Chicago. Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthi, former State Treasurer of Illinois, and candidate for US Congress, and Mr. Sunil Puri were also present.

Mr.Kakshman Agadi, Founder, President, and CEO of MedGyn Products, Inc., and trustee of the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, addressed the gathered crowd: “Today I am really blessed to be with Amma. For me, Amma is an incarnation of goddess Shakti. Mother Shakti has come to us on earth in the form of Mata Amritanandamayi…..Amma has taught us simplicity, humility and service. Her key observation on integral connection between religion and science are treasures that each of us and all generations to come must carry in our hearts. … Amma’s religion is love which supersedes all religions on this earth.”

Ron Gottsegen, President of M. A. Centers, spoke to the gathered crowd. Thanking Amma and everyone for their support, he went on to announce the future plans for the Center which Amma has approved and blessed. These include a school, additional housing, assisted living for elders, as well as the building of a Yajna Shala Temple. He also said that the old farm stand on the property will be reopened to sell organic products and ayurvedic herbs. The goal is to, “create a sustaining community where we can live, grow our own food, and use it as an opportunity to teach others to become self sustaining.”

At the end of the first day, Amma sang two bhajans before leaving the hall.

At the start of the second morning program, Amma was treated to a heartwarming classical flute concerto. Later, the local satsang and children of Amrita Balakendra put on many performances. Children from the Minnesota Satsang also chanted the12th chapter of Gita.

Later, as Amma was leaving the hall, the local satsang joyfully sang ‘Narayana Narayana Jay Jay Govinda Hare….” Rising to her feet, Amma began clapping her hands from side to side, keeping time with the beat. Everyone joined in as she slowly walked off the stage.

– Tulasi

niagara falls

Amma, you are truly a change maker

17-20 July, Toronto, Canada – American Yatra 2015

Amma concluded her 2015 North American tour with one public program and a retreat at the International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Canada. People came from all over Canada to attend the programs.

Following Amma’s message of helping those in need, the Amma Foundation of Canada, in conjunction with the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, provided bursaries to three students in Canada to attend University.

Welcoming Amma to Toronto, Dr. Usha George, Dean of the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University, said “I am most impressed by the creative and innovative use of the technology to address the social issues in various villages, in Kerala and the surrounding country side. By restoring respect and dignity to local villagers you are transforming life with love, empathy and compassion. Amma, you are truly a change maker.”

During the retreat, there were many cultural performances by Amma’s children. Members of Amma’s AYUDH youth group performed an impeccably-choreographed traditional Indian dance praising Lord Shiva, accompanied by musicians and singers. Later, three young devotees presented a sign-language version of the bhajan ‘Wondrous Goddess, Precious Goddess.’ Amma and the crowd were delighted by the heart-warming performance.

On her way to Toronto, Amma stopped at Niagara Falls along with the Tour Staff . There, she served dinner to everyone, and led the staff in meditation for world peace.


Amma in Boston

9-10 July, Boston, MA – America Yatra 2015 Amma held two days of programs at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, MA. Devotees came from all around New England to receive Amma’s embrace, listen to Amma’s satsang and to hear her sing hajans. Amma also led the crowd in a guided meditation for world peace, where we imagined white flower petals showering down from the sky on all areas of nature while chanting ‘Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu.’


new york 2015

Amma in New York

12-14 July, New York, NY – America Yatra 2015
Amma held three days of programs at the Jacob Javits Convention Center located on the Hudson River in New York City. This was Amma’s third visit to Javits.

The first day saw huge crowds coming for Amma’s embrace. The day-long program started at 11am and went straight through until 12:55am. Amma had been sitting for almost 14 hours!

On the third evening, towards the end of Devi Bhava, in what has become an annual tradition, the famous rap singer, Doug-E Fresh entertained the crowd with his trademark ‘beat-box’ singing. Devi Bhava ended at 10:01am the next day.

– Kannadi

amma atlanta arrival

Amma’s first visit to Atlanta

June 28-29, GA, Atlanta – American Yatra 2015

Amma was welcomed to the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) with traditional chanting and an offering of Purna Kumbha. This was Amma’s first visit to the Southeast US.

Dr. Jagadish Seth, Senior Professor at Emory University welcomed Amma to Atlanta on behalf of its citizens. Member and Board President of Interfaith Community Initiatives, Ms. Angela Rice spoke to the large crowd: ‘I feel honored and humbled to stand before you sharing this historic occasion, the first time Amma has visited the Southeast. It is an honor for the Southeast to have a person of such magnitude, one of the pre-eminent spiritual leaders of our time, grace our soil and our souls. And we are so very happy that she landed in the Atlanta region. We greet her with the hospitality of the south.’

Satsangs groups from all over the region, including Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Birmingham, South Florida, Gainsville, and Raleigh had the opportunity to put on cultural performances. Children from Amrita Balakendra chanted various sacred Vedic chants. The Atlanta satsang joyfully performed wonderful dances invoking the glories of Durga.

A professional dance group known as the Third Eye Dancers presented four traditional Bharatanatyam dances on Devi. Later, Nimesh Patel (from Empty Hands Music) led everyone in a soulful song asking everyone to ‘spread the seeds of goodness in the world through selfless service, music, and love.’

At the end of the programs, everyone left with open hearts and the hope that Amma will make Atlanta a regular stop on her North America Tour.


Mata Amritanandamayi to address United Nations Academic Impact

un-startAmma will deliver the keynote address during the coming conference at the United Nations on technology and sustainable development in New York.

Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the Chancellor of Amrita University,  will address the first programme on July 8, which will include a series of events at the UN titled ‘Skills and technology accelerating rapid transformation.’

The faculty from the University will later present research work they have undertaken in collaboration with renowned universities such as Cambridge, EPFL, Monash, the National University of Singapore, Oxford, Stanford and Twente.

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the U.N. In furthering the realisation of the purposes and mandate of the U.N, through activities and research in a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility, an online portal created by Amrita University would also be inaugurated. The portal would encourage discussions and collaborations among university researchers worldwide on technology for global sustainable development.

Dean of Research, Nano Technology at the Amrita University, Shantikumar Nair, said, “Skills and technologies readily translatable to society as well as sustainable development have long been one of the guiding forces behind Amrita’s research and research-deployment efforts.”

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Santa Fe

Uphold the ancient tradition for future generations

20-23 June, Santa Fe, USA – America Yatra 2015

The first day of programs saw a larger than normal crowd and ended just past 6pm. After a short break, Amma returned to the hall at 7:30pm for satsang, bhajans, and darshan.

On the first morning, four generations of Tewa Indian dancers performed a Winter Buffalo dance to bring snow and moisture to the region and to ask permission to hunt buffalo for sustenance. Many of the group had been at Amritavarsham (Amma’s 50th birthday) 12 years ago in India. The leader of the group said, “We admire Amma for all the work she has been doing. We come to show her our way and to give our blessings. This dance we are performing comes from way back.” Amma responded to them saying, “Amma feels extremely happy to see this ancient tradition being respected. May this linage be continued and upheld for future generations. If we had this attitude for the love of Nature, the world would not be the way it is now. Amma bows down to this tradition. May the entire world be able to emulate this example so that the world will be in a better place.”

The second day of the retreat coincided with the first ever International Day of Yoga. In honor of this auspicious day, Amma had everyone perform gentle yoga exercises.

Amma said ‘Yoga does not belong to any particular faith or religion. It was passed on to us by the ancient seers for the well-being of humanity. Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and eventually become one with God. When we perform yoga with complete awareness, it purifies each and every cell in our body.” (read more of Amma’s message on Yoga)

During one program, children from Amrita Balakendra created their own version of the 108 Names of Amma. Throwing flower petals into the center of a tarp, the children chanted each name with love. Among some of the names were, “Om, Amma who loves everything under the sun, Om, Amma who gives us chocolate kisses, Om, Amma who gives hard candies in India…” At the end, the children grabbed the corners of the tarp and tossed the flower petals into the air. Local devotees also performed Flamenco and Hawaiian dances.

– Kannadi

amma sanramon

Amma in San Ramon, California

3-12 June, San Ramon, California – America Yatra 2015

Amma held 6 days of public programs plus a retreat at the San Ramon Ashram in the Bay Area. Devotees came from all over Northern California to be in Amma’s presence. The weather was quite comfortable with the exception of one really hot day and one day with unexpected rain.

During the retreat, local devotees put on many cultural performances. One skit told the story of Sudama, a childhood playmate of Krishna who, many years later, went to visit Krishna with an offering of rice. The play moved many attendees to tears for its touching depiction of the love between the two friends and the grace that came from Sudhama’s humble offering.

– Kannadi