Amma’s Europe Yatra 2016

Amma will visit 10 cities in 8 countries of Europe and will hold satsangs, bhajans, meditation and will give darshan – meet the people who come to the program.

October 11-12 : London, United Kingdom
Daily two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London N22 7AY
Website: www.amma.org.uk
email: info (at) amma.org.uk
Phone: +44 (0)7748 239345
October 14-15: Dublin, Ireland
Daily two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Citywest Convention Centre, Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Co. Dublin
Website: www.ammaireland.org
email: help ( at) ammaireland.org
Phone: +353 (0) 86 890 7687
October 17-19: Houten, Holland
17: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
18 & 19: two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Expo Houten, Meidoornkade 24, 3992 AE Houten
Website: www.amma.nl
email: info (at) amma.nl
Phone: (19h-21h) +31 (0)685 70 25 26 (Netherlands)
Phone: (19h-21h) +32 (0)470 52 13 05 (Belgium)
October 21-23 : Winterthur, Switzerland
21: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
22 & 23: two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Eulach Hallen, Wartstrasse 73, 8400 Winterthur
Website: www.amma.ch
email: info (at) amma.ch
Phone: (9-18h) Ziegelhütte +41 (0)52 318 13 00
Phone: (17-21h) H. Fürer, +41 (0)44 8530429
October 26-28: Paris, France
Website: www.etw-france.org
email:paris-info (at) etw-france.org
Phone: (2pm – 9:30pm) (French only) +33 (0)160751176 (Christine)
Phone: (7pm – 9:30pm) (French, English, Italian) +33 (0)148938572 (Atulya)
October 30-November 01: M.A. Center, Hof Herrenberg, Germany (near Frankfurt)
30: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
31 & 01: two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Seminarzentrum Hof Herrenberg, Hof Herrenberg 1, 64753 Brombachtal
Please visit www.amma.de for details about parking / carpooling.
Website: www.amma.de
email: zentrum (at) amma.de
email for volunteers (seva): seva.hofherrenberg (at) amma.de
Phone: +49 (0)6063 579933

November 3-5: Barcelona, Spain
3: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
4 & 5 : two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Palau Sant Jordi, Passeig Olimpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona.
Website: http://www.amma-spain.org/
email for volunteers: seva (at) amma-spain.org
Phone: +34 948236729
Phone: +34 687747719
November 7-9: Toulon, France
7: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
8 & 9 : two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Salle Zenith Omega, Boulevard Commandant Nicolas, 83000 Toulon
Website: www.amma-france.org
email: toulon-info (at) etw-france.org
Phone: (until 9pm) (French only) +33 (0)671 39 69 92 (Punyavati)
Phone: (1pm – 9pm) (English, French) +33 (0)6 99 41 59 60
Phone: (7pm – 9:30pm) (English, French, Italian) +33 (0)1 48 93 85 72 (Atulya)

November 11-13: Milano, Italy
11: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
12 & 13: two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Centro Congressi ed Esposizioni Malpensafiere, via XI Settembre, 16 – Busto Arsizio (VA)
Website: www.amma-italia.it
email: info (at) amma-italia.it
email: helpdesk (at) amma-italia.it Phone: +39 3493699460 (Raul)
Phone: (6pm – 11pm) (English) +39 338 5349 318 (Giuliana)

November 15-17: Munich, Germany
15: All-day programme, starting at 11am;
16 & 17: two programs 10am & 730pm
Venue: Kulturhalle Zenith, Lilienthalallee 29 (Freimann), 80939 München
Website: www.amma.de
email: muenchen-info (at) amma.de
Phone: +49 (0)8331 974 098
Phone during programme: +49 (0)89 32350030


Amma in Toronto

July 11-14, Toronto, Canada – America Yatra 2016

Amma has been touring length and breadth of America for the past 6 weeks.

After finishing her programs in North America, Amma and the tour group reached Toronto in Canada, the capital of Ontario state. Sri Dinesh Bhatia, Consul General of India garlanded Amma and welcomed Amma to Canada. Mrs Indira Harris, Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament, garlanded Amma on behalf of the Ontario government.


23rd Prime Minister of Canada Hon. Justin Pierre and His wife Madam Sophie sent a special welcome letter to Amma. It was read out by their representative.

Each year Amma Canada has been awarding financial support to deserving youth. The financial aid helps youth to take up higher studies at a university. Amma awarded this year’s Financial support for Higher education, to Mr. Dipesh.


Also, Amma conducted Spiritual retreat in which thousands participated in prayer for the world peace, meditation. Amma personally distributed prasad to all of them.





Amma in Washington DC

8-9 July, Washington, D.C, America Yatra 2016

Amma held two days of programs at the Marriott Gateway in Chrystal City, Arlington, VA.

During the programs, local devotees sang bhajans, and put on a wonderful dance depicting stories from Amma’s life.



Amma in Boston

5-6 July, Boston, MA, America Yatra 2016

Amma held two days of programs of Satsang, Bhajan and Darshan at the Best Western Royal Plaza and Hotel in Marlboro, MA. During the program, local devotees sang bhajans and danced.





Amma in New York

1-3 July, New York, America Yatra 2016

Amma returned to the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City for the 5th consecutive year to hold three days of programs. Thousands of people from the metropolitan area came for Amma’s darshan. 71 students from Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute also came to see Amma and inquired how they could help with Embracing the World.

During the programs, local devotees sang bhajans and put on traditional Indian dances.

On the road from Chicago to New York, Amma stopped with the tour group to meditate and sing. Here she is singing in praise of the Creator who is one with creation.





Amma in Chicago Ashram

27-29 June, Chicago, IL, America Yatra 2016

A freshly painted hall welcomed Amma to her Chicago Ashram as she returned for the 5th consecutive year. She led all in Meditation, Bhajans gave talks and Darshan on these two days.


During the first day of programs, area Satsangs put on a number of cultural programs. Bala Kendra students chanted Gita, put on a performance medley depicting the stories of Haunman, Ganesha, and Krishna, and sang bhajans. They also put on a performance embracing Amma’s message that kids these days are spending too much time on electronics. In the play, kids learn that playing outside, helping nature by planting trees, and doing seva together is more fun and beneficial.


Local Chicago AYUDH youth sang bhajans and put on a dance about Krishna and Radha. Members of the Chicago area satsang peformed a Kaikottikali dance, followed by a fusion of Marathi, Gugurati, and Bhangra style dancing.


At the end of the day program, Amma sang two new English bhajans and one new Punjabi bhajan, then danced briefly before leaving the stage.



Amma in Texas

24-25 Jun, Ft. Worth, Texas – America Yatra 2016

This year’s programs in Texas were held at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Ft. Worth, TX, about 45 minutes west of Dallas.

On the first morning, four local civil representatives were on hand to garland Amma. Welcoming Amma to Ft. Worth, Mr. Jameson addressed Amma and the gathered crowd: ‘Amma, and all of you that have joined us here today, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to a city, perhaps known as a city of cowboys and culture, but I think most notably known as a city of great generosity, humanity, and a generous sense of welcome. Your message of peace and love is gratefully received here today and we are honored by your presence.’

Ms. Zadeh also spoke: ‘I know that the energy of peace and love that is generated through this event this morning will permeate our city and stay with us long after you have left.’
Attending the first evening program were two representatives from the Chinmaya Mission – Swami Sarveshananda, Resident Acharya of the Chinmayi Mission in Dallas, TX; and Abhishek Chaitanya Giri from the Chinmayi Mission in Rishikesh, India.

Devotees from regional satsangs in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas put on a variety of cultural performances during the programs. These included a Bharatnatyam dance depicting the form Ardhanarishwara, a veena performance, and Bhangra dancing celebrating Lord Ganesha.





Amma in Santa Fe

18-22 Jun Santa Fe, New Mexico – America Yatra 2016

Amma held two days of public programs followed by a three-day retreat and Devi Bhava at the Buffalo Thunder Resort just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During the retreat, there were meditation classes, talks with the Swamis, IAM classes, and a question and answer session with Amma. At the Q&A session, Amma led everyone in yoga asanas in honor of the 2nd annual International Day of Yoga. Following the Q&A session, Amma sang ‘Mukunda Murari and served everyone dinner.

Througout the programs and retreat, local satsangs sang bhajans and a group of young balakendra students sang ‘We Are All Beads’ accompanied by acting and sign language to convey Amma’s message of unity and compassion. There was also a soulful violin performance by one of Amma’s devotees and inspiring Flamenco dancing.




Partnership programs in LA

14-16 June, Los Angeles, America Yatra 2016

Amma returned to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel for three days of programs on June 14th-16th.

During the first evening program, a representative of MA Center-LA announced that the Center has recently launched two Embracing the World programs in partnership with three local non-profit organizations. Through partnerships with New Directions for Veterans and with IDEPSA Community Job Center for Day Laborers , IAM classes (Integrated Amrita Meditation) will be taught to disabled war veterans and those suffering from PTSD, as well as to day laborers to help reduce stress in their daily lives as they struggle to support their families.

In an additional partnership with City Plants, MA Center – LA has committed to planting 5,000 trees in low tree canopy cover neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Representatives from the three non-profit organizations – Veterans Services, IDEPSCA and City Plants – were on hand to garland Amma.

During the programs, local satsangs sang bhajans and local devotees danced traditional Indian dances. At the end of the second evening program, Amma delighted everyone by singing two new bhajans.



Amma to visit Tokyo Japan from 18 July

July 18-20, 2016
BelleSalle Shibuya Garden, Hall C
Sumitomofudosan Shibuya Garden Tower B1,
Nanpeidaicho 16-17, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan {map}
18 July (Mon) 11:00
19 July (Tue) 10:00 & at 18:30
20 July (Wed) 10:00 & 18:30
July 20th (Wed) 18:30 to 20:00

Amma will be giving talk, bhajans, meditation and Darshan to all during these sessions.