The last moments from Amritavarsham63 Celebrations

28 Sep 2016, Amritapuri –  Amritavarsham 63 Celebrations

After staying for 25 hours and 25 minutes on the stage, Amma left the Amritavarsham63 venue and headed back to the ashram. What generous and precious moments she had offered yet again to the tens of thousands that gathered on this blessed occasion!

Amma took the a car to the boat-jetty where a boat was waiting for her to cross the backwaters. Coming down from the boat, she walked to her parents house to meet her old mother.

It was past 11am, when Amma was back to her room after giving one last beaming loving smile to her children with full of energy. And she is 63!










Amma is the greatest ambassador of peace

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham celebrations

The Governor of Kerala, Justice P Sathasivam, who was the Chief Guest at Amritavarsham63, bestowed the 2016 Amrita Keerti Puraskar to Sri. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar. In his address the Governor said that Amma’s work is a continuation of the spiritual leadership provided by great sages of India. Selfless love and compassion has been Amma’s message which is accepted all over the world since Love has no specific language or barrier.

* Amma is one of the few who has given equal importance to intellectual and spiritual pursuits, and used this blend for humanitarian projects. Thus the activities of the Math are focussed on the 5 basic needs of people.

* Amrita University which is ranked as No.1 in the country is an indication of the foresight of Amma to use academics and research for public good. Moreover the educational efforts of the M A Math are spread across India.

* Amma is the greatest ambassador of peace [going] around the world .

* As a First Citizen of Kerala I endorse the suggestion of of Mr Amar Singh and Mr PJ Kurien,Dy Speaker, Rajya Sabha that Amma should be conferred with Bharat Ratna {news}.


Plea for Bharata Ratna for Amma

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham 63 celebrations

At the Amritavarsham63 function  Mr Amar Singh, MP, while lauding the phenomenal humanitarian work done by Amma, made a strong plea to all assembled on the stage that Amma should be bestowed with Bharat Ratna. (Bharata Ratna is highest civilian award by the Govt. of India)

Rising to the occasion, Mr P J Kurien, Dy Speaker, Rajya Sabha while paying respects to Amma  seconded the suggestion and made a request to top functionaries in the government to consider Amma for Bharat Ratna.
Mr Vellapally Natesan, President, SNDP, forcefully reiterated that Bharat Ratna  should be conferred on Amma as political parties are in unison.
The Governor of Kerala ,Justice Sathasivan, who was the Chief Guest and who spoke at the end as per protocol said  “As the First Citizen of Kerala, I endorse the suggestion of of Mr Amar Singh and Mr PJ Kurien that Amma should be conferred with Bharat Ratna”
While the assembled audience heartily reciprocated to the announcement with thunderous applause, Amma gestured her reluctance in any such accolade.

Ambalapuzha Gopakumar receives Amritakeerti Puraskar

The 2016 Amritakeerti Puraskar was bestowed upon Malayalam writer Sri. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar for his noteworthy contributions to spiritual, philosophical and cultural literature. The Governor of Kerala, Justice P Sathasivam, gave the 2016 Amrita Keerti Puraskar to Sri. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar in Amma’s presence.

The Amritakeerti Puraskar—which has been awarded annually since 2001 to individuals making outstanding contributions in the fields of spirituality, philosophy, science and literature—comes with a cash prize of Rs. 1,23,456, a statuette of Saraswati Devi created by renowned sculptor Namboodiri, and a citation from the Mata Amritanandamayi Math.

Sri. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar was presented with his awards on September 27th, 2016, in Amritapuri, as part of Amma’s 63rd Birthday Celebrations.

Sri. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar currently serves as president of the Ambalapuzha Kshethra Vikasana Trust and as a director board member of the Samastha Kerala Sahithya Parishat, Kochi. He is also the chief editor of Sreevatsam, a spiritual and cultural magazine. He holds a PhD in Malayalam and has served as a professor at Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha, for more than 30 years.

He has received numerous awards, including: the Prof. Kozhissreri Balaraman Award for Literature, 2011; the Narayeeyam Puraskaram for Spiritual Contribution, 2012; the State Award of Balasahithya Institute, Thiruvananthapuram, 2013; the Ekatha Award for Literature from Sharja, 2014; the Venmani Award for Poetry from Aluva, 2015; the Karuvatta Chandran Award for Literature, 2015; the Vasudeva Puraskaram from Ambalapuzha Temple, 2015; and the Janmasthami Puraskara, Balasamskara Kendram, 2016.


Amma has set an example of selfless service and unconditional love

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham celebrations

Mr Nitin Gadkari Union Minister for Transport while participating in the launch of premier charitable projects of the MAM said that Amma has set an example of selfless service and unconditional love. In our culture it has been said that our real dharma is seva for the poor and underprivileged.


On her birthday I will like to pray for her good health and also inspire all of us to contribute to the welfare of society through good deeds.. I would also like to seek her blessings on this august occasion.


The wonderful work done by Amma in creating facilities for sanitation, toilets, hospitals for the poor is commendable. Similarly science and technology is the key to future development. Amma has effectively used Science and Technology for societal benefit, as serving humanity has been Amma’s mission.



Amma manifests the eternal message of Bharat

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham 63 , Amma’s birthday celebrations

Sri Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh participated in the brithday celebrations and and spoke these words.

* Many ages ago, the young Sant Gyaneswar of Maharashtra who had written a commentary on Bhagwad Geeta asked his guru for a boon- “Every where in the world, there are realised souls who are in constant touch with Reality,should be available to all common people at all times”. When we see life of Amma we see that the boon has now been granted.

* Our ancient scriptures state that the universe runs on dharma which has 4 components- Truth,Compassion, Purity and Tapas. For us common people we need an example of such behaviour.

* In Tetrayuga we had Lord Rama as an embodiment of Dharma in human body. In India we still have the tradition of such evolved persons being a leading light for society. We are looking uo to Amma as she has realised the Truth of real existence. Her humanitarian activities embody the highest form of Compassion. Likewise when you are around Amma you experience Purity. And for us she is performing Tapas relentessly.

* We are very lucky people as we have met Amma who embodies all the 4 elements. Whenever we come in the vicinity of Amma all worries leave us, we become tension free and blissful. And even our thoughts become pure. This is my experience.

* The eternal message of Bharat has been that in Solitude we should Realise and in Multitude we should Serve without any discrimination. This is very difficult, but Amma makes that happen. She is freely available to all

* Amma is practising real Dharma and doesnt need our blessings.–but what else can we offer to her. I pray that she instills in us at least a particle of the 4 components of Dharma



Mankind has become a walking disaster, instead create ripples of Compassion

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri, – Amritavarsham celebrations

Excerpts from Amma’s Birthday message

Taking more and wasting it is Adharma

“Environmental protection is one of the greatest issues mankind faces today. If only we would walk along the path shown by our ancestors, we could easily find solutions to the problems we are facing in this area. In the past, our ancestors didn’t need to ‘try to protect Nature’ because their very lives themselves protected Nature. Environmental protection was inherent in their very lifestyle, worship and cultural customs. Reverence and respect towards all creatures and creation was an integral part of their life. It was ingrained in them that they should take only what was needed from Nature, without exploiting and destroying Her. But in today’s world, we see humans taking from Nature and their fellow human beings without any limit. Moreover, they often destroy them at the same time. Taking more and wasting it is Adharma. Both, a Rs. 1,000 watch and a Rs. 100,000 watch would show the same time. But if we can be content with the Rs. 1,000 watch, we can use the rest of the money for the poor and needy.”



The plague of terrorism:

“Terrorism has become one of humanity’s foremost problems, robbing society of its peace,” she said. “Statistics show that around 1,200 large-scale terrorist attacks have taken place in various parts of the world in 2016 alone. Today our waking reality is worse than our most terrifying nightmare.”
“Natural disasters may not be under our control,” Amma added, “but we do have some technology that can signal us as they are approaching. However, science has yet to be able to invent a device that can detect the disasters man carries in his mind. Today mankind has become a walking disaster!”


Ripples of Compassion:

“God is the indivisible oneness devoid of all boundaries or separation. Mother Nature, the atmosphere, the birds and other animals, the plants and trees—each and every atom in them is overflowing with this divine power. God is fully present in all that is sentient and insentient. When we fully understand this truth, we can do nothing but love ourselves as well as everyone around us. The first ripple of love emerges from within us. When a pebble is dropped into a still pond, the first little ripple forms around the pebble itself. Gradually the circle of that ripple expands and expands until it reaches the shore. In the same way, love should start within. If we are able to purify the love inherent in us, it will gradually expand to encompass the world.”


Devotion to God and dedication to the poor is the message of AMMA – Narendra Modi

27 Sep 2016, Amritapuri – Amritavarhsm 63 celebrations

Prime Minister Narenda Modi gave his speech during the occasion of Amritavarhsm 63 via webcast. Salient points are listed below.

*On this pious and sacred occasion, I offer my deep regards to Amma. I also pray to the Almighty to give long life, and good health to Amma. She is the guiding light for millions of devotees. Not only that, she has become the synonym of life for many devotees. Like a real Maa, she nurtures her devotees through direct and indirect acts; visible and invisible hands. I am very fortunate to be among those who have been receiving Amma’s blessings and unconditional love.

* Three years ago I had the opportunity to visit Amma on her 60th birthday celebrations Though today I am not so lucky as to be able to greet her in person, I am delighted to see her through technology.
* India is the land of such saints who have seen God in everything that can be seen. Mankind is prominent among those things. That is why service to mankind has become their main motto. Even in her childhood Amma was fond of giving her own food to others. Serving the old and the aged, and helping the needy have been her childhood passions. Also, she worshipped Lord Krishna in her childhood.

* These two qualities have been her strength. Devotion to God and dedication to the poor is thus the message that I have personally taken from my association with Amma. Millions of devotees from all over the world also believe in the same.

* I am aware of the social and charitable works done by various institutions and programmes run by Amma. She is always keen to help the world’s poor in meeting their five basic needs: food, shelter, health care, education, and livelihood.
* The work done and the donations given by the Ashram for Water, Sanitation, Education and Health has been commendable.
* Amma’s initiative in building toilets has been a great help in our Swach Bharat programme. Amma has pledged to contribute 100-crore rupees towards sanitation efforts in Kerala. This pledge includes the construction of 15,000 toilets for the poor. Today, I am informed that throughout the State, Amma’s ashram has already completed construction of 2,000 toilets.
* One year ago, Amma generously donated 100-crore rupees to the Namami Gange programme.
*I am also aware of Amma’s helping hands to mitigate the sufferings in the aftermath of natural disasters. It is also heartening to note that the researchers at Amrita University are innovating new approaches to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.
* At the end, I would like to convey my sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity of joining the celebrations. Once again I express my deep regards to Amma.

Photo updates on 26th – Amritavarsham 63

Photo updates of the program held on 25th and 26th in connection with Amritavarhsam 63 celebrations