Meeting of generations


On a sunny afternoon the members of the Swiss children’s satsang performed, danced, and played in the nearby retirement home in Flaach. This was done as part of the social awareness development program.

The program focused on folklore with Swiss songs and music from eastern Europe. The children sang most joyfully and the elderly people tapped their toes to the rhythm of the music. They knew most of the songs from the days of their youth and some of them even sang along with the youngsters. It was a very touching moment to see this meeting of generations.

Family Camp at the Amma Center, Switzerland

On a weekend in June, over twenty children and teenagers participated in the Family Camp 2013 of the Swiss Amma Center in Flaach.

The theme of the camp was “Man and Nature in Harmony” with a special emphasis on water.

The children and teenagers participated, according to their age, in different workshops centered on the five virtues: Truth, Peace, Love, Non-Violence and Right Action.

The two following days started with the Amrita-Yoga and IAM Meditation.

One of the many highlights of the weekend was the wonderful guided tour through the nature sanctuary “Thurauen” on Sunday morning, where everybody learned about the animals in the water and also had a lot of fun making their own boats made from materials found at the sanctuary: wood, reeds, etc.

In the afternoon there were theatre and painting workshops, an IAM Refresher course and games for the small children. The day ended a huge bonfire and the sending small hot air balloons into the moonlit night sky while everybody chanted “Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”.

On Monday the retreat came to an end with the children each promising to do one good deed a day, as well as with dancing and singing together and presenting the theatre scenes all children had prepared. During the whole camp the children also had bhajan class and led their own bhajan sessions each evening.

It was a wonderful weekend, where learning and fun were closely linked and where surely every child or teenager could return home with precious experiences in his heart.

Retreat for children and teenagers

M.A. Centre, Switzerland

The second retreat for children and teenagers took place on a weekend in march with beautiful sunny spring weather. The motto of the weekend was “Nature and humans in tune with each other”. There were separate workshops for children and teenagers as well as some common happenings.

Children leaning about nature

On Saturday morning both groups were working on “values”. The teenagers read Amma’s new year’s message and openly discussed values like discipline, contemplation, forgiveness and non-violence. They then received a diary, which they decorated lovingly while chanting.

In the afternoon the participants could choose between “building of a hotel for bees” or learning the IAM-Meditation for children. All children who were at the required age of 10 or older and did not know this meditation opted for it. They worked with great enthusiasm and sincerity. The other group got instr

uction in building, sawing and drilling to build beautiful bee-hotels.

After bhajans and dinner everybody went to the local meadows, where two biologists of the
centre for nature gave a very informative guided tour on frog’s migration. Frogs spawn at their native place and have to walk many miles in order to get there – this might result in the deaths of many frogs, if they have to cross roads. Everybody learned a lot about life and habits of frogs and toads and could even hold them in their hands!

Participants of the camp

After the morning ritual and the IAM meditation the next morning the building of the bees’ hotels continued. Then the children could play in nature and the teenagers could take part in a surprise walk in the forest.

The weekend was concluded with bhajan-singing and a puja after lunch. Everybody left enriched and happy after a fulfilling retreat.

Christmas carol of Swiss Bala Kendra

The Bala Kendra (children’s group) in Switzerland (Kindertreff Ziegelhütte) sang and played Christmas carols for elderly people in a retirement home near the Amma Center in Germany. The old people were very moved by the concert and applauded enthusiastically at the end. They very much appreciated, that these young people came to sweeten their holiday season. It was an inspiring experience for all of them.

Swiss children
Old people

Teen Retreat at MA Center, Germany

The first Teen-Retreat for children between the ages of 12-15 took place at the M.A. Center, Germany, on July 1.-3, 2011.

The participants came to gel as a group through various team building activities such as group discussions, mural painting, music, etc. The mornings started with meditation. They were given the chance to express themselves creatively; they made their own picture-frames and paintings.

The participants also came up with a new song which was tuned with the participation of all. This powerful song accompanied the entire retreat and brought out the strength and enthusiasm of the young group.

On Saturday, the teens had a question and answer session over webcast with Br. Shubamrita. The teens also presented their song. Their honest and innocent questions were very interesting and thought provoking.

Great was the enthusiasm for the Teen-Retreat. The teens left saying that they would want a longer camp next year!

– Tulasi

In tune with Nature

“In tune with nature” was the topic for this year’s Children Retreat on June 11th – 13th, 2011 during Pentecost. Forty children and their parents, from all over Switzerland and Germany, gathered together to spend an inspiring weekend at the MA Center Germany in Hof Herrenberg.

Dodo, clown from the Children’s Retreat, led all into the fascinating subject of “sound”, showing us tricks and telling us about the sacred syllable OM. The children learned a song about nature “Mother Nature,” which Amma sang last year. In a playful and humorous way the children learned interesting things about the subject of sound, which was then discussed in depth in the afternoon in small group sessions. Humane values were taught during these sessions.
The evening Bhajans were very touching. For many adults it was an impressive experience to see the children singing with so much joy and devotion.

On Sunday, the children were asked to select one of the various workshops, which were part of the “In Tune with Nature” theme. They could choose between; construction of their own instrument using materials from nature or developing a musical play about nature or working with horses in an appropriate, animal friendly way.

The children were also given a chance to learn the IAM-Technique for children.

In the evening the children performed their musical play.
On Monday, the children had the opportunity to ask Br. Shubamrita their own questions via webcast. They had endless questions about God and the world and Br. Shubamrita patiently took the time to answer them.

On the last day, each child had the opportunity to make their own small Devi Bhava Amma doll out of felt. These dolls were used in the concluding ritual for a wonderful puja. Of course, Dodo the clown came again and presented each child with a small gift; a white rose and a delicious Swiss sweet called “Morachopf”, so they would remember this wonderful meeting.

The retreat was indeed a true gift for the children and parents. They will certainly keep it in their hearts for a long time!


Rich hearted children

26 Jun, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2010 USA yatra

Fifteen of Amma’s children in New Mexico ranging from ages 5 through 15 have been selling handmade art during the 5 day Albuquerque program. They have been making beautiful cards of many colors with their own drawings and cut out Amma photos from various free publications. They raised a total of $254.50 for Amma’s orphanages. Towards the end of the Devi Bhava Darshan they presented the money to Amma. Amma was very pleased and poured her compassionate looks over them.

Rich hearted children

– Tulasi

We enjoy our planet earth

From May 22-24 about 40 children, age 5-13, with their parents, from Germany and Switzerland came together at the M.A. Center, Germany, to spend a children-retreat together.

The motto of the weekend was “Nature- we enjoy our planet earth!” With a playful and humorous approach it was made possible for the kids to dive into the themes about nature and also about human values. During the afternoon the children gathered in smaller groups to deepen the knowledge about human values.

The children had the opportunity to choose different workshops concerning “experiencing nature”. Under beautiful spring weather they build little hotels for wild bees, constructed nature-art-pieces and planted vegetables and flowers. In the water-laboratory they experimented with water, others learned a lot about taking care of horses. The older kids had the opportunity to learn meditation. The youngest met on the green to do yoga and play a lot of games.

The singing of bhajans in the evening was fully managed by the children.
It was an impressing experience for many adults to see and hear the children sing, drum and perform with such joy and devotion. The program also had theatre performances and a puppet show based on the native American wisdom, which enthralled the children. The day ended with an introduction into the life of bats and an observation of their flights in the night.

On Monday morning an ecological tour was organized in the woods and a the children collected things from the woods. And they decide to create a giant Mala (rosary). Every kid and every adult could create a bead with wood which was then put on a string. The beads were of different shapes and sizes, with beautiful decorations on them and even prayers. Forming a circle, the kids held the giant Mala with the prayer ” Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”, which was led by Br. Shubamrita. As each mantra was chanted, one bead after the other was moved. It was indeed a very moving experience.

It was a true gift for the children, which will surely stay in their hearts for a long time.

– Nirmala

Lighting a flame for Peace

On the weekend of May 30 through June 1, 2009, 35 children between 5 and 12 years of age and their parents from Germany and Switzerland met at the Training Center Hof Herrenberg Association for the 5th meeting for children.

First, the children were shown a view of human values by the funny figure Clown Dodo, and a nicely done puppet-show on Amma’s life ended that part. According to the motto Lighting a Flame for Peace issues like love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence were acquired playfully and experienced by small groups of similar age. The different workshops offered mosaic, activity games, yoga, fire sculptures, stone painting, gardening, football and theater. Many fun and learning opportunities for each child.

The parents formed a study group to constitute regional groups for the children (children’s satsangs) to offer inspiration to live spiritually and ethically.

The circus tent, Clown Dodo, the camp-fires, a paper-chase, a wonderful puppet-show, delicious food, and good weather, lots of singing and dancing as well as prayers for peace rounded off the whole event to a wonderful experience. In the meantime, the parents participated along with the team manor and the volunteers in cutting vegetables, cooking, washing up and tidying up etc.