Amma in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland – 21 Nov, Europe Yatra 2008

This is the 5th year that Amma has come the visit Dublin, Ireland.

The South African Ambassador to Ireland, Her Excellency Priscilla Jana, who has come for the third time to be in Amma’s presence, said:
“Your teachings, the religion of love, is particularly significant, very relevant and indeed critically important now more then ever before. In welcoming you today, I am sure I speak for all of us here and many many outside this hall, when I say from the very dept of my heart: Amma we love you, we love you dearly and we need you.”

The Indian Ambassador to Ireland, P.S. Raghavan, also came to meet Amma with his family.

Clicking their way to a brighter future

Kalpetta, Wayanad, 7 Nov 2008

Young Manikanden stares intently at his computer and then clicks the mouse.  This twenty-year-old tribal boy is clicking his way to a brighter future.  His is taking a Business Office computer course offered by the Village Resource Center in Kalpetta.   He has been working as a day laborer, but with this course under his belt, he is confident that he can bag an office job.

There is a keen interest in this low-cost course, located on the premises of the Amrita Kripa Charitable Hospital-Kalpetta.  The first batch of 22 students is now getting ready to complete the approximately fifty-hour course and there is a long waiting list for the next batch.    The dedicated teachers, Mr. Sujith and Mr. Mukundan say that the students are highly motivated and attend class punctually and consistently.  They particularly enjoy their work, as they know the course will uplift segments of the tribal community that are struggling financially.

Eighteen-year-old Rajani is also confident she will have the skills to manage a computer in an office or shop.  Like most of the other students, she had only had computer theory in school and no experience using an actual computer.  She is grateful to be gaining valuable skills that would have been impossible without this course.  At the end of the course, the students will have an exam certificate in hand.

The Kalpetta center is one among many centers in the Amrita-ISRO VRC network. {news} In addition to the computer classes, the center offers a popular series of teleconferencing classes.  The topics center on agriculture and health issues.  Agricultural topics include biodiversity, organic farming and water management.   Health education sessions have included HIV-AIDS prevention, TB prevention and detection, hypertension and diabetes prevention and treatment, as well as information on the dangers of waterborne diseases.

When the students bent over their keyboards, the attentive instructors keep an eye out for any difficulty.   Such a simple, small program seems likely to make a big difference in the futures of many young people in the area.

– Tulasi

Amma in Italy

Milan, Italy – 17 Nov, Europe Yatra 2008

The Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy in Italy, Mr. Saurabh Kumar said: “Amma has touched the lives of many; she has touched the lives of ordinary people, those who are suffering, the poor and the downtrodden, and those affected by calamities. Amma’s love transcends national boundaries. We are indeed fortunate to have her here in our midst today.”

Councillor for Milan District – Sesto San Giovanni, Mr Alessandro Pozzi said: “The town of Milan is honoured to guest this remarkable spiritual leader, a woman able to transmit love, she is a spiritual presence, but she also puts this love into action.”

Angela Pagani, well known TV and Film Director, Journalist and Member of European Commission for Digital Technology  said: “We need, to bring ahead the heart, an immense heart, something we can see here in all its expression in  Amma. Therefore I wish to have her as an example for the next years of my life. Thank you Amma for being there.”

Christiane, Presentator for MTV Television & National Radio said:”The atmosphere and the energy is wonderful and it was a breathtaking experience. She is absolute pure love.”

Amma in Spain

Barcelona, 13 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008

Amma visited her recently established Spanish Ashram near the holy mountain Montserrat, about half an hour away from the city of Barcelona.

At the program hall in Barcelona the Councillor of the Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Roger Pallarols Taylor, welcomed Amma. He said: “I feel moved by her humanity and compassion that she transmits to people. May this be the principle for people living together throughout the year.”

Citizens from the same village as the Spanish Ashram came to give their homage to Amma with a traditional performance called ‘Els Castellers’. It consists of building a human pyramid with people of all ages accompanied by live music. National Spanish TV ‘TVE’ did a live report on Amma during these two days.

Amma in Holland

Holland, 09 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008

The number of people coming to receive Amma’s embrace in Netherlands had grown once again.
Many foreigners from neighbouring countries and thousands of devotees from major Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam came to see Amma in the sport hall ‘Maaspoort’.

Amma in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland – 05 Nov 2008

Helsinki, the capital of Finland is the farthest North European country of Amma’s Europe tour. The program was held in the famous ‘Kaapeli’ complex. The Indian Ambassador for Finland came to meet Amma and welcome her to Finland on behalf of the citizens. The program marked Amma’s 10th visit to Finland.

Amma in Munich

Munich, Germany – 02 Nov 2008, Europe Yatra

Amma has come to Munich again this year to share the joys and the sorrows of the people. Thousands of devotees stood outside the spilled over hall for hours on end to get a glimpse of Amma. The people were thrilled to see Amma and applauded each time she entered and left the hall.

A large group of devotees from Poland came to invite Amma to visit and bless their country. The National TV from Hungary came to produce a documentary on Amma.

An international Ensemble offered a classical music piece to Amma which is called “Pergolesi”.