Amma in Italy

Milan, Italy – 17 Nov, Europe Yatra 2008

The Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy in Italy, Mr. Saurabh Kumar said: “Amma has touched the lives of many; she has touched the lives of ordinary people, those who are suffering, the poor and the downtrodden, and those affected by calamities. Amma’s love transcends national boundaries. We are indeed fortunate to have her here in our midst today.”

Councillor for Milan District – Sesto San Giovanni, Mr Alessandro Pozzi said: “The town of Milan is honoured to guest this remarkable spiritual leader, a woman able to transmit love, she is a spiritual presence, but she also puts this love into action.”

Angela Pagani, well known TV and Film Director, Journalist and Member of European Commission for Digital Technology  said: “We need, to bring ahead the heart, an immense heart, something we can see here in all its expression in  Amma. Therefore I wish to have her as an example for the next years of my life. Thank you Amma for being there.”

Christiane, Presentator for MTV Television & National Radio said:”The atmosphere and the energy is wonderful and it was a breathtaking experience. She is absolute pure love.”