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AIMS medical unit at Pampa

(27 Nov '03)

27 November 2003 — Pampa, Sabarimala, Kerala On 17 November, 2003, on the bank of the Pampa River, two journeys began: one towards spiritual health – the great pilgrimage to Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala, wherein over the next 41 days, millions of Swami Ayyappa devotees from all over India will walk the hour and a […]

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Amma in Barcelona 2003

(14 Nov '03)

Amma visited Barcelona Spain in 2003

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Finding time for Spiritual practices

(9 Nov '03)

Sri Krishna was a householder. He had many responsibilities, but He was the embodiment of detachment. Sri Rama was also a householder and in addition to that, a king. He was the embodiment of dharma. King Janaka (father of Sita, the holy consort of Lord Rama) was a king and a householder. He too, was […]

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Amma visits Holland

(9 Nov '03)

9 November 2003,Holland For the third year in a row, our beloved Amma graced Holland with Her Presence. On the first day, the crowds started to get in line as early as 8 a.m., and by 9 a.m. the hall was already filled with people. It was the first sign that last year’s record of […]

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on God: Amma says

(8 Nov '03)

God’s Presence “To say that there is no God is like saying ‘I have no tongue’ with your own tongue.” “God is very close to you, that is why you cannot see Him. Is it possible to see our own face without the aid of a mirror? And will it be possible to see our […]

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on Faith: Amma says

(8 Nov '03)

During her childhood, Mother and the children from the nearby houses used to play a game. Everyone would hit one person’s palm and then run. The person who comes to catch us cannot do anything if we reach a certain coconut tree and stand there touching it. He can catch us only when we stand […]

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